Let There Be Light—Safely

Last year about this time I recommended that all of our readers try a 48 hour experience in which they only used non-electrical sources for light for 48 hours.  For those who did the experiment they discovered the hard way that what they had planned on for lighting didn’t exactly provide a suitable amount. Others found that the term “100 hours” is obviously broadly interpreted in the market.  Still others found themselves a bit frustrated with the lack of mobility of light—something that we rarely take into consideration when we’re forced to use flashlights and candles everywhere we go in our homes.  However, when I did this experiment I also realized some of these same inconveniences for myself when it came to needing alternative sources of light, but there was a problem revealed during my experiment that really gnawed at me for months.  The problem was the serious compromise to the safety of my home as a result of needing to use  candles,  kerosene lanterns, and even flashlights.