Pursuit and Preservation of Freedoms for Self-Reliance

freedomsI frequently address the Ten Principles of Preparedness as being a great road map to pursuing a self-reliant lifestyle. I assert that the 10 Principles are put in order of prioritization and that one will find the truth of these priorities in their day to day living as well as preparing for the more vulnerable  of circumstances. I’m satisfied a hundred times over and over with the completeness and the order of the prioritization as it’s applied to one scenario after another successfully. However…there is one key component in our lives that we must be mindful of in order to ensure that we can always apply these principles to our life and that is freedom. This key is often overlooked as a part of the Mental Preparedness Principle.

The OTHER Wheat

Just because you want to nutritional benefits of working with whole wheat flour doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the light and fluffy texture that so pleases the palate. There are some fabulous options that you can enjoy with the different types of wheat that are available!

Forever Foods and More

So, have you had that unopened jar of mayonnaise ever since your husband brought home the wrong brand 7 years ago?  Forget about it *she says in her best Italian mobster accent*

While most persons have heard that a Twinkie last forever on the shelf, but did you know that there are actually some other more common food items that have an unlimited shelf life? A little fact-finding mission with some manufacturers sure did surprise me and I’m sure it will raise an eyebrow or two for you.