Self-Employment Equals Independence Part II

If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust? The unemployment reports you’ve been hearing are just plain wrong—for so many reasons—but specifically they are wrong because some persons are beginning to discover that being employed by another is a risky business nowadays. As such, they are taking measures into their own hands and choosing to become self-employed.  Even more important is that some courageous souls are leaving their present jobs in exchange for self-employment. Why? Because they are wise enough to recognize the value in the Law of the Harvest, and have made determinations on who they can really trust.

How to Hold a Successful Preparedness Fair

Tis the season for Preparedness Fairs cropping up in regions all over the U.S.  However, in nearly all instances, organizers express dismay that their event was not as well attended as they had hoped.  The fact of the matter is, unless you do a really great job marketing, the only folks who attend a Preparedness Fair are the folks who are already on board.  It’s easy for them to slough off the event as “just another same old, same old.” So, what’s a fair organizer to do?  I’ll tell you.

Saturday Morning Breakfast

[caption id="attachment_4662" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="What's for breakfast?"]Breakfast[/caption]

by Kellene

While growing up, it was always a special surprise if we got to have something other than oatmeal or cold cereal for breakfast. Saturday was our best chance to get something delicious and homemade from the kitchen. Every once in a while my single mother of 5 would surprise us with a special homemade breakfast dish that we would gobble up before the first episode of Abbott and Costello was over. (Yes, I actually quickly did my chores every Saturday so that I could watch that show as well as The Eastside Kids.) Even better, my little sister would be undaunted in the kitchen and somehow conquer a great recipe too. Somehow it’s been my little sister (“Sissy”) who’s dramatically influenced and improved my cooking over the years. I’ve never seen