Bunny in Cage
27 May 2014 by filed in Food Preparedness
Backyard Hunting--By Guest Contributor Sharon Cundiff   My husband and I enjoyed the festivities for opening day of the Cincinnati Reds, walking through the park that parallels the river with my sister-in-law and her niece.  The path wanders through and around trees, bushes and flowers, when suddenly a darting object caught my eye as it seeks refuge under the bushes.  I froze as the others continued walking ahead. A fat bird starts to dart out from under the bush, suddenly it spotted me, and...
27 Sep 2013 by filed in Food Preparedness
by J.C. Martin, Guest Contributor Preparedness Pro Notes:  Firearms and other weapons aren’t just to ensure safety and security. They are also necessary to provide food for the table. Additionally, this is sound advice for every person who's trying to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle. While his suggestion is budget friendly, in my opinion it's sound advice regardless of your budget. My friend, J.C. Martin, has written this nice article for us that sheds some light on a firearm option that...
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