seed box
19 Apr 2013 by filed in Food Preparedness
What’s the LEAST you can get with the LEAST amount of money and still be able to take care of your family’s nutritional needs? Today I share with you the simple, affordable bare bones so that you can eliminate some of the overwhelming feelings that the current worldwide events might be causing you. After today you’ll have a very simple, cost-effective plan to fully address your Food Preparedness needs.   With all of the mayhem going on all around us, it has a tendency to make some people...
01 Jul 2009 by filed in Preparedness
Honey photo c/o Getty My drug of choice?  Well, I could say chocolate, or a Dr. Pepper, or even a sweet kiss from my hubby (those make my knees buckle).  But there’s nothing like a small spoonful of honey to put me in a happy, delicious mood.  Seriously.  Perhaps it’s because each time I steal a taste, I’m not just tasting the substance of honey, but its overwhelming value everyday, and in an emergency.  Honey not only tastes good, but it has numerous medicinal and comfort uses as well.  You...
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