A Practical Perspective on Gold and Silver

Last Wednesday our Self-Reliance Revolution Radio Show was based on the numerous reasons and evidences that I felt a financial collapse was imminent and what we can do to insulate ourselves from it. (To be forthright, the solutions were rushed at the end due to the fact that I ran out of time—which I always seem to do when I really prepare and research a particular topic. *Sigh* Maybe one of these days I’ll get this whole timing thing down.) Anyway, I’ve received literally hundreds of e-mails since that show, and have been asked for clarification as to why I believe investing in gold and silver is NOT a viable solution right now.  So, since I didn’t really get to do the subject justice on the show, I thought I’d take a little bit more time here and address it.


Blind Bedazzling-Gold & Silver Reviewed

goldI suppose I have to address this issue sooner or later. What do I think about buying gold and silver to hedge against a financial collapse? Personally, I’d pass.

Among the 10 Principles of Preparedness, the Principle of Financial Preparedness is Number Nine in order of prioritization. If times get so tough that one feels like they have to rely on gold and silver, there are a heck of a lot worse problems that will come to the forefront which will have nothing to do with traditional currency.

Several years ago I had