Introduction to the Importance of Self-Defense for Women

The fact of the matter is, I won’t be doing much of anything until Monday because I’m just plain worn out! While the filming for National Geographic’s “Doomsday Preppers” was an amazing experience (Nothing negative to say about that) it was grueling and it absorbed much more than just a couple days of my life as there was much to get ready. Suddenly I’m actually grateful for the experience I had with TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” even if I wasn’t a fan of their show and didn’t want to be a part of it. Why? Because doing their show made me get my supplies totally organized and cleaned up AND it helped me to be so much cooler with the camera and even able to anticipate what National Geographic would need for their shoot. (Apparently that’s an unheard of benefit to the field producer, so he was pretty pleased.)

Preparedness Pro Update

 Well, I’m back from playing around and taking some time off, so your update is coming on a Wednesday. 🙂 Hey, better late than never I suppose. Wow. Can you believe it’s June already? The weather sure isn’t manifesting that. We’ve got record levels of rain, snow, and even low temperatures here in the West. Record dry weather back east. And record number of tornadoes and devastation as a result of said tornadoes.  Think Someone is trying to tell us something? Wow. What a way to start off the summer season.  These records aren’t just for the decades. Some of these are records for the last 150 years! It will be interesting to see what the hurricane season is like this year.

Common Fertilizing Myths

As I’ve been venturing out a bit more each year in the area of gardening, I find I am surrounded by well-meaning, encouraging friends. I’ve heard more unusual remedies for a great garden over the last several years than I ever thought possible. Who knew that so many people had such diverse opinions about gardening?  But when I began mulling over some of this well-meaning advice, I decided the best thing to do is what I always do…research. As a result, I discovered that when it comes to all of these ways to get more out of your garden with the fewest problems, there are all kinds of myths out there. How they got started, I don’t really know. But I found it interesting that I found a kernel of truth in nearly every bit of advice I was given. The problem, though is that much of the advice comes at the cost of unnecessary expense, physical exertion,  and perhaps even a risk of ruining a perfectly good garden.