13 Dec 2013 by filed in Recipes
Here's the winning recipe to share with all of you from our EcoZoom Stove Contest. And here's announcing the winner...   Drum Roll Please....... The winner of the EcoZoom Stove Contest is Renee L.!  Congratulations to Renee for her winning entry "Elvis Presley Cake".  Thank you to all who sent in recipes for this contest.  It took us quite a while to go through and test them all, but Renee's recipe just hit us as FABULOUS. And we're going to share it with all of you as well.   Enjoy!   Elvis...
Minimal fuel required to boil water
31 Aug 2013 by filed in Food Preparedness
My mission: To ensure that I had a reliable cook stove that met the following criteria: Doesn’t require the storage of highly flammable fuel Relatively portable Doesn’t require sunshine Sufficiently heavy-duty and durable to handle heavy amounts of daily cooking for at least a year Won’t compromise my security such as broadcasting smoke signals to attract unwanted guests Uses a minimal amount of readily available, accessible, CHEAP fuel Sophisticated enough that I can easily regulate the...
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