Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder

This week’s Preparedness Pro In Your Kitchen recipe recreates a comforting soup that I’ve used and loved for a long time, adapts it to convenient shelf-stable foods, and also cuts down the fat dramatically—as I used to make it with whipping cream and half-and-half.  It’s a simple, comfortable and easy dish to serve for your family or even for special company.  Enjoy it with some crusty bread or some warm corn tortillas.

If you’ve got the fresh herbs or vegetables on hand, this is also great with about a cup of small, diced jicama and topped with some fresh cilantro.

Why You Will LOVE a Pressure Cooker!

A couple years ago I was interviewed by a magazine and asked what was it that I couldn’t live without?  I replied that other than my husband, I couldn’t live without my pressure cooker — but it was a close tie.  I am so absolutely in love with all of the features of a quality pressure cooker, that I’m out to convert every person who considers themselves a cook, or concerned with emergency preparedness.