19 Apr 2012 by filed in Financial Preparedness
 I have to say, this is my most hated and loathed 5 word sentence.  Anyone who has the temerity to take control of their future though, aka practices self-reliance, has heard these words, or a derivative thereof way too many times. “When things get rough, I’m coming to YOUR house!” “Why do I need to prepare for anything? I’ll just go to my parents house?” “If the world comes to an end, I’ll just get my gun and find me a Mormon.” I gotta tell you, I even hate hearing these things when they are...
water, faucet, clean water
27 Feb 2012 by filed in Water Preparedness
    What could be so important that I just HAD to write about your water storage efforts again?  Is our water supply seriously threatened? Is there a water crisis coming to a city near you? Is the U.S. about to experience a disaster that will affect your access to water? Once again I find myself struggling to write a particular article—not because of the complexity of the topic, but because I don’t want to cause any alarm, just some proactive behavior. It’s my hope that once you’re finished...
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