Why Be Subjected to Ridicule by Appearing on “Doomsday Preppers”?

By Guest Author, Dennis Evers

Doomsday PreppersNote from Kellene, The Preparedness Pro: If you saw my episode of “Doomsday Preppers” then you no doubt saw the segment which featured today’s guest author, Dennis Evers. I was SO impressed with how responsibly Dennis has raised his large family and how sane and normal they all looked. I even found myself envious that his daughter, Ricky, could weld with the best of them.
Dennis is a former police chief and has created one of the most often referred to resource guides among law enforcement, military, and big business personnel all over the world. He’s definitely a man with a plan–and one which he believes in so wholeheartedly, he’s successfully been able to pass it on to his 11 children and their children. But more important than that, Dennis is clearly one of the good guys that the Lord’s blessed this world with. So rather than you having to “listen” to me today, I thought I’d give you a dose of no-nonsense, good guy talk by Dennis Evers. Enjoy–I know I did.


Ten Principles of Preparedness: #10 Communication

In the second season of one of my favorite television shows, “Jericho”, there was a perfect illustration of what can happen if reliable communication does not exist (I recommend you renting this two-season series or at least catching some of it on hulu.com). While communication is the last aspect of the Principles of Preparedness, this doesn’t mean it’s insignificant in any way. In fact,  there’s a lot of danger, panic, relying on misinformation and chaos that can arise, all from the lack of communication. (more…)