DIY Home Solar System

By Guest Author: Scott Bishop

Want a solar system big enough to do the work, without having to drop a mint all at once? Yes, they really do exist. Today’s article is brought to you by Scott Bishop, the better half of Kellene–The Preparedness Pro. While the article is lengthier than most, there really wasn’t a good “break” point. Besides, I’ve also got to include a follow-up piece on how to assemble the solar panels. Enjoy!


My homemade version of a solar electricity system for alternative and backup power

Gidgets and Gadgets


GadgetsI have to admit, I love gadgets that make my life easier. I’m always on the lookout for preparedness type gadgets that will make my life easier even in a “survival mode.” I figure you might as well make use of the technological advances we have now to survive without traditional technology later. So here’s a list of some of my favorite “gadgets.” You can do an internet search to find any of these items.