Prepping by Faith

I've been a prepper for more than 30 years so it no longer takes much thinking to keep the basics covered...even had a time when my kids were all grown when my stash greatly diminished...but now I have two adopted kids and three foster kids and prepping seems hugely important again.   We live on 11 acres with a creek so it is a good place to be.   I read and talk to people who believe they need to have guns to protect their stash from others and at times I wonder if I should be doing that also but then I remember:   I am doing what I've been called to do and I'm living where I am called to live.   I've recently been internally pushed to install a 1000 gallon water storage tank up the hill from my house so the well can pump into it and then gravity feed down to the house but I have not gotten any internal urging to buy a gun.   I'm not a traditionally religious person but I know that if I'm doing what I'm called to do and living in love then my house and my family are safe.

I'm a 69 year old single great grandma with kids ages 5 8, 9, 10, 11 and I will shelter all those who need shelter and all will be provided for.   But it is not totally blind faith...I have an 11'x25' very full pantry, chickens, deer and wild turkeys in the field, a big garden and a really good neighbor who hunts and mentors the boys.   In a quiet way I encourage friends to prep and I know they will do it differently than I do.   I raise and preserve our own food and I know how to butcher and preserve meat and build anything we need and others may just have buckets of food and water under the bed in their apartment.  We each do what we can and what we see we need to do.


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What a wonderful attitude and great heart! I applaud all you are doing and your generous nature. Truly you are living by faith!

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