It's Not Just For Emergencies

I have read with fascination the stories about prepping. I think most of us fall into the category of "it is just a way of life with us". My mom always had a large food storage. It took up many shelves in the garage instead of a car. I remember the feeling as a little girl when mom would send me out to the food storage to get something. It was a feeling of peace and security. I never had to worry if we would be hungry. I knew we wouldn't, because my parents prepared.
When you grow up with that, it just becomes a part of your life. Who doesn't have food under their bed? And why wouldn't they?  :) I know there was a period of time (over a year) when my dad was out of work, and although I didn't really think about it at the time, I'm sure we lived on our food storage. What a great thing as a child to feel secure. I think we as parents owe that to our children. They need to know that we will take care of them.
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I can't think of anything sadder than a parent having to watch their child go hungry because they failed to prepare for whatever life would bring. Prepping should be a way of life, not something we do in emergencies. It has and will always be a way of life with me. I encourage others to make it their way of life as well.


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