It All Began With a Collapsing Shelf

It all started with the collapse of a pantry shelf and we realized that some of our cans were not of this century.

Food rotation that's the answer, I think I saw something at the bulk food warehouse, "must research on the web." This led to the discovery of freeze dried food, lightweight and long-life--a great tool for emergencies. I got the idea of having a few days supplies in a pack for emergencies; "must research MREs on the web."

This web thing just might take off. Not just for looking up "Who is that guy", "You know him", "He played in that one movie". My idea is already taken, its called a bug out bag, nuts I could have been rich.

So why not take this a step further, be prepared for 30 days, or at least until FEMA can step in. I am proud of myself now, "Look honey we can live until help arrives". My wife's answer "Do you think the government would really help us?, silly boy".

"I would feel better if we were good for 3 months; now come watch this new show with me, its called 'something preppers', I think it has to do with canning food". What an eye opener for the both of us. There are people out there that think like us?

...and think better. We are now good for a full year. Food, water, meds, fire, fuel, defense, and so much of this is due to your site. Thank you.



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