Preparedness Outreach Contest!!

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“Preppers Outreach Contest”©

Entries Accepted March 12th – April 16th

Voting Officially Begins April 17th - April 26th (midnight)

PreparednessAre you ready for THE most EPIC contest in the preparedness community ever?! Not only is it chock-full of AWESOME prizes, but if you win one of 37 prizes, you’ll actually get to select which prize you win!  You can't beat that! All of these great preparedness prizes are being offered to a super-duper winner and they are being offered by businesses that actually VALUE the kind of preparedness lifestyle that you’re trying to live, so this is a great opportunity for you to get to know them better. But even more importantly the Prepper Outreach Contest has the potential to benefit everyone around you to jump on board the “Preparedness Way of Life”—simply by you entering to win! Now that’s what I call a true WIN-WIN-WIN scenario!

Ready Preparedness Fans? Here We Go!

To enter to win one of THIRTY-SEVEN Prepper Outreach Contest Prizes, all you need to do is write or video record your message inviting others to consider a self-reliant lifestyle.  SORRY; NO MORE ENTRIES ARE TO BE ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME--but you can still VOTE through midnight, April 26th.

Perhaps you can share how it’s benefited you, or how it’s given you peace of mind, or perhaps restored freedom and a sense of independence you can be proud of. Perhaps you can address how your efforts to be more prepared have helped you and your family during tough times, or share what the key moment in your life was that made you start to take actions to ensure your well-being regardless of what life may throw at you.

It’s as simple as that! Just write us an e-mail to [email protected] or load a video message to a special our special site we've allocated for these larger files by simply going to It's  capable of receiving your larger files for your video entries. (Reminder: is ONLY for your video entries.)

PreparednessNow, the winners of this EPIC contest aren’t going to win from some random drawing. Nope. You’ll have much more control than that over who wins or loses! YOU and your friends will vote for the BEST entries! Everyone can vote up to FIVE times! (You can see and vote for the entries HERE.)

Once we've received a good portion of entries, we’ll post all of them on our website under the Contest tab,  (though the videos will viewable there as well, they will technically be hosted on our Preparedness Pro TV YouTube channel.

We will OFFICIALLY begin the voting on the 17th of April at 12:01 a.m, however, the sooner you submit your entries, the more votes you could get because we'll be loading them prior to the 16th of April. You’ll want to send as many people as you’d like to vote for the BEST submission (written or video).

Now before you starting pouting because you've become a bit of a hermit and have no friends, or perhaps you've alienated all of your family with your crazy prepping--don't worry--you can still win a GREAT prize because we've got over 300,000 readers and viewers who will be taking a gander at what you've submitted. We're also inviting every other preparedness organization out there to participate because this contest is just TOO AMAZING to keep all to ourselves. Can you just imagine what good may come from it? People reading  or viewing messages from everyday people who care about taking care of their family and their fellowmen in case something really, really bad happens?

Your entry will win based upon the MOST (positive-family friendly) comments made on your entry. So get creative. Make it real. Make it memorable. Make it good enough that it just might resonate with someone else who’s hemming and hawing about preparedness; or perhaps change someone’s mind who thinks preparedness is all just a bunch of crazy stuff. The more real and honest you can be in your message, the better!! And when have you EVER made a video or written anything that has the possibility of really benefiting other peoples LIVES like this. So even if it's a tad bit inconvenient, it's definitely worth it. If you find yourself making excuses as to why NOT to create an entry, snap out of it, and get moving to do something great. Believe me, doing this is a heck of a lot easier than turning away the hungry from your front porch, right? So, look at this opportunity as a way to help the people you care about now, instead of having to turn them away later.


Now, before you go telling yourself that you don’t have a chance at winning and you’ve never won anything in your life, blah, blah, blah—snap out of it. I said this is THE EPIC contest of all contests! Why? Because we have LOTS and LOTS of prizes for you!  In fact, we've got 37 AWESOME prizes for you! So there are LOTS and LOTS of chances to win!!!

PreparednessDo you know of the angelic singer by the name of Jackie Evencho? This tiny, beautiful 10 year old, who had a perfectly dreamy, mature. soprano voice rocked the entire world with a simple YouTube video entry for “America’s Got Talent”. Her hypnotic voice drew in millions and millions of viewers who connected to her beautiful message of hope and faith mixed with just a little bit of magic. Your message, reaching out to people all over the world, just might do the same. Haven’t you ever wanted to just shout from the rooftops and try and help people to understand?? So when you create your video on preparedness, do just that. Think of what obstacles you had to overcome to get where you are today—regardless of where you are today in your preparedness efforts—how did YOU turn around?

We all know that someone taking the stand about being willing to think about and prepare for tomorrow also tends to attract more than its fare share of misunderstanding. So now’s your chance to stop standing alone—to reach out and try to help others all over the world to better understand why there’s honor in taking such a stand!

 So what kind of fabulous preparedness prizes are at stake here??

PreparednessWell, get your paper towels ready cause you just might drool! And while you’re looking through this list, remember that these are companies that CARE about the same things as you do; and they are willing to put their money where their mouth is to PROVE it!



  1. Global Sun OvenGlobal Sun Oven: Retail Value: $299 Awarded to our 1st Place Winner!
  2. Global Sun OvenMulti-Level Dehydrating Rack w/ Parchment paper: Retail Value: $32 Awarded to our 16th Place Winner!
  3. Just Released “Survival Mom” by Lisa Bedford (autographed):  Retail Value: $19.99 (Survival Mom, Lisa Bedford is giving this prize to TWO Prepper Outreach winners!) 34th Place Winner!
  4. PreparednessBackwoods Home Magazine: 1 year subscription: Retail Value: $24 21st Place Winner!
  5. Lindon Farms: ARK 360 (360 servings, 19 different freeze-dried meals, 2,000 calories per day): Retail Value: $432. Awarded to our 11th Place Winner
  6. New England Cheesemaking Supply Company ( 5 pounds of Red Cheese Wax, 5 pounds of Black Cheese Wax, and a Wax Brush: Retail Value: $65 Awarded to our 10th Place Winner!
  7. StoveTec: Single Door StoveTec PLUS Custom StoveTec Bag (the original rocket stove maker!):Retail Value: $180 Awarded to our 3rd Place Winner!
  8. Survival Straps: 1 Heavy Duty Survival Strap (holds up to 550 pounds!): Retail Value: $34.95 (Survival Straps is giving this prize to FOUR Pepper Outreach winners!) 24th, 25th and 30th Place Winners
  9. Wondermill: The Wondermill Grain Mill (World’s #1 rated grain mill!): Retail Value: $299.95 Awarded our 7th Place Winner!
  10. PreparednessDennis Evers: “Pocket Partner” by Dennis Evers; a must have, invaluable tool for law enforcement, military, firefighters, first responders, Fortune 500 executives, and preppers for hazmat, firearm, communications, and other disasters! Over 160,000 copies sold globally: Retail Value: $15
  11. Water Brick: 3.5 gallon and 1.6 gallon interlocking Water Bricks: Retail Value: $35.49 32nd Place Winner!
  12. Five Star Preparedness: 40 4-gallon buckets with Snap-On Gasket lids: Retail Value: $357 Awarded to our 5th Place Winner!
  13. Five Star Preparedness: 5 Pounds of food-grade Diatomaceous Earth: Retail Value: $21.50 31st Place Winner
  14. Five Star Preparedness: 1 pound Powdered Molasses (make any kind of strength you need!): Retail Value: $14.50
  15. PreparednessHoneyville: Lucero Deluxe Sampler Olive Oil Pack and 1 4 oz Lorann Professional Kitchen Bakery Emulsion (you select the flavor): Retail Value: $55 29th Place Winner!
  16. The Berkey Guy (LPC Survival Ltd): The Big Berkey: Retail Value: $248 Awarded to our 2nd Place Winner!
  17. The Berkey Guy (LPC Survival Ltd): The Sports Berkey: Retail Value: $24.99 (The Berkey Guy is providing a Sports Berkey to TWO Prepper Outreach winners!) 23rd and 28th Place Winners!
  18. Zaycon Foods: One FREE Sales Event Order: Retail Value: $200+ Awarded to our 9th Place Winner!
  19. Zaycon Foods: $20 Zaycon Foods Credit: Retail Value: $20 (Zaycon Foods is providing this item to TWO Prepper Outreach winners!)
  20. Crovel Tactical: Retail Value: $98.75
  21. Tattler Lids: 200 Tattler Lid Set!: Retail Value: $200 Awarded to our 4th Place Winner!
  22. Be Young Essential Oils: BYEO Staph Pack: Retail Value: $139 Awarded to our 6th Place Winner!
  23. Be Young Essential Oils: BYEO Liver Cleanse Pack: Retail Value: $36 (Be Young Essential Oils is providing this item to TWO Prepper Outreach winners!)
  24. Grandma’s Country Foods: TWO #10 cans of Country Cream Powdered Milk: Retail Value: $29.98  22nd Place Winner!
  25. PreparednessEner Health BotanicalsVacuum-Sealed Enerfoods Super Green Energy Drink: Retail Value: $46.95 26th Place Winner
  26. Ener Health Botanicals Survive To Thrive 40 Days and Nights Super Foods, USDA Organic, High quality sprouts, legumes, seeds, and grains!: Retail Value: $269.99 Awarded to our 8th Place Winner
  27. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: Large Seed Collection, Your choice of Southern or Northern package, GMO free, pure heirloom seeds! Retail Value: $99 (Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is providing this item to THREE  Prepper Outreach winners!) Awarded to our 13th, 14th, and 15th place winners!
  28. Aquamira Emergency Water Purifier Tablets (50 Pack):Retail Value: $52, perfect for a camping trip, Bug Out Bag, or a hiking expedition. Awarded to our 17th Place Winner!
  29. Aquamira Emergency Drinking Water Kit: Retail Value: $100, this package was created to be something special for this contest and is not available in stores anywhere. It contains a Aquamira bottle with built in filter, Frontier Pro inline filter, Frontier straw filter, 10 Aquamira water purifier tablets, and 2 ounces of the Aquamira water treatment. This kit is also GREAT for a BOB or INCH bag, or for a "Bug In" crisis such as a mandatory quarantine.  Awarded to our 12th Place Winner!
PreparednessOh, and did I mention that in one way or another EVERYBODY wins in this contest! No one who takes the time to submit an entry will be empty-handed--because after all, we are Preparedness Pro! *grin*

Start date for entries is March 12th and the contest goes until April 16th at midnight. Voting will go for ONE WEEK until April 26th at midnight. So HURRY!

PreparednessNow, keep in mind, it’s the person with the largest number of POSITIVE votes (remember this is a family-friendly event, folks) that wins the very first pick of a prize. The person who gets the second largest number of votes gets to pick their prize next and so on, until all of the 37 prizes are selected—Woohee!That’s a lot of GREAT prizes! So the sooner you submit your entry, the greater your chances are to receive more votes and select THE prize you want most!

As a reminder, in typical Preparedness Pro fashion, we have a special surprise for ALL entries. There will be no losers in this contest other than the ones who don't enter. ( We won't call you a loser anyway--at least not publicly. *grin*)

Official Stuff:

All entries must include your full name city and state and a working e-mail address to be entered. When we post the entries we will only use your initials, and state. But we've got to be able to keep this all straight in our records, folks AND we've got to be able to communicate with you if you win one of the 37 prizes. Under NO circumstances will your information be shared with anyone outside of our organization and the generous vendor who's sending you your prize. We believe in absolute privacy here; NOTHING will ever change that.
All submissions MUST BE ORIGINAL content. Our website's SEO ratings can be harmed if we post unoriginal content at any time, especially if an entire post is plagiarized, even if you are the original author.
No commercialization of any kind can be permitted in your entry. Your writings/message as well as our amazingly supportive vendors get to be the star here, folks. This is not the time for you to try and sell your blog, products, meetings, etc.
We reserve the right to correct typos, egregious grammar issues of your entry. We also reserve the right to censor it for any language that is not congruent with our "PG Rating" or any information that is lacking in veracity. 
Also, we reserve the right to keep or alter the title that you may put on your entry to better reflect the contents of your entry or so as not to duplicate, confuse, or conflict with another entry.
Should you win a prize, your e-mail to use will serve as a final notification of your prize selection. No changes may be made afterwards and no assignment of your prize will be available either. All winning contestants MUST communicate with us within 24 hours of our notification of their winning status in order to not delay the awards to other winning contestants. (see more details below)
HINT: Most people are visual learners. While you don't need a picture of yourself, it MIGHT be a good idea for you to submit a picture of SOMETHING to go along with your written entry.
While you and your spouse or kids are welcome to enter to win, only ONE winner per household will be awarded.
It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or how prepared you are, YOU can enter to win. Hey, if you've got the cute 4 year old that you think will be a shoe-in to win, Work It, Baby! We're all about equal opportunity exploitation here. *grin*

Voting and Posting Rules and Regulation:

1. Any votes in excess of the 5 allotted votes will be deleted (from the newest to the oldest.)

2. All votes must have a distinctive name and or e-mail address.

3. Only appropriate COMMENTS will be considered as a vote. If an individual posts a "blank comment" it will be deleted.

4. All acceptable votes must be void of commercialization, advertising, branding, or crass, vulgar, demeaning language.

5. All votes must be placed in harmony with the purpose of this contest: A) reach out to entreat other persons to begin living a more self-reliant lifestyle, B) Promote the generosity and brand of the vendors, C) Garner new traffic to this website in hopes that such persons will return, D) Encourage "preppers" and those living a self-reliant lifestyle to share their message on said topic

6. Any contestant who is found to submit an entry or vote which contains FALSE or MISLEADING information, advertising, commercialization, or crass/vulgar language will be disqualified.

7. All entries must contain initials of the contestants full name plus the city and state in which they reside and a working e-mail address.

8. Each winner will be notified by e-mail. They will have no more than 24 hours to respond to their status and select their top 5 prize choices in order of prioritization. Preparedness Pro will attempt to eliminate any prizes which have already been claimed by striking through the prize listing on the website.

9. All comments and submissions are the intellectual property of Preparedness

10. The identification of each contestant will be kept private by Preparedness Preparedness Pro is NOT responsible for posted comments which may reveal the identity and location of any contestant.

11. Ultimately, Preparedness Pro reserves the right to be the final decision on the validity of any votes or  entries and to determine whether or not they have been posted and/or submitted in the spirit of this contest.


© 2019 Of COURSE this post is Copyright Protected by Preparedness Pro. All Rights Reserved. NO portion of this article may be reposted, printed, copied, disbursed, etc. without first receiving written permission by the author. This content may be printed for personal use only. (Then again, laws are only as good as the people who keep them.) Preparedness Pro will pursue all violations of these rights just as vigorously as she does any of her other freedoms, liberties, and protections.


Sounds like fun. Good luck to everyone. Thank you.

Is there a time limit to the video, or a length limit if you write it?

Nope, but keep in mind there will be others voting on it. If it's too long folks will abandon it AND it's got to be uploaded to YouTube and there are restrictions in time for that. :-)

I really want to win that Berkey. It has been on my wish list for some time now. Thank you so much to you, Kellene, and all of your sponsors. This looks like it will be a lot of fun!

Thanks for your GREAT attitude!

Greaaat I have hardly any friends so I'm out. Oh well. Basically it's set up so those that have lots of friends get to win. I guess that's what I get for being so "close minded". Have fun everyone. I'll continue prepping and buy the things I need for my family.

Or you could approach it as taking an opportunity to perhaps impact the life of someone else and submit it anyway. I know that when I started writing this blog 3 years ago I didn't have anyone that I knew of to read it, I just wanted to at least try and do something good in this area. And besides, Jackie Evencho didn't have millions of friends. Her video went viral because people loved it.

I won't know any of the people entering the contest but I will still vote and so will thousands of other people. They will vote for the one they consider best. If you are that person, people that do not know you will vote! You are looking at it all wrong!

Yeah, and 37--oops, now 38 chances to win any of these great prizes is nothing to snicker at. Yeehah!

We have a ladies only group on Facebook called Lady Preppers USA and are sharing our stories with each other on how we became Lady Preppers. There are some amazing stories of strength, survival, and overcoming adversity. I have posted your contest on our page. I wish everyone good luck and look forward to reading each story.

Thank you,
MariAnne, Admin
Lady Preppers USA

Good luck to all, we will ALL be blessed one way or another...

I dont see the tab where the enteries are posted and where to vote :(

Patience Young Grasshopper. You will see it asap. We're working out some kinks. :-)

Wow, that is what I would say to my sister! Too awesome! And Joselyn, I won't have a single friend to tell about this contest to vote for me, but I will still try. I live in CA, and every time I get woken up by an earthquake I wish I had the EnerHealth 40 day/night orgi food supply! ( and enough money to move out of the state! ) Good luck!

lol i even wrote that i was being inpatient but deleted that line ...hahahah im just so excited for everyone and working on finishing mine up ever 8 kids seem to think they come first...geesh what needy lil things that are cant they see mama is prepping for their survival...smh ;)

Can we pick our prize? I think I'm well set up overall. Some chick with the initials KB kept nattering in my ear. Perhaps re donate for the next person that needs a bit of help. I could use a good grinder and the para cord would be nice. Now competing for the hummerless generator would be cool.
Sorry went all needy there. Great contest KB

Yes, as I tried to share in the details, depending on how many votes you get will determine which prizes are still left for the taking. You get to select which prize you want. :-)
The Humless Generator prize though is the 2012 Challenge Prize and that's a drawing and you enter to win that one my taking on one of the challenges listed in the contest section and be entered in to drawing. I like the Preppers Outreach Contest because you've got a lot of influence on whether or not you win. :-)

where do we find the 2012 Challenge contest ? or are you teasing us about a futuer contest :)

Nope, no teasing. It was posted at the first of the year. Just punch in "2012 Challenge" and you'll get it. It's the first post of 2012. It goes throughout the year.

When will you start publishing these stories ?

Very shortly. We're just working out the IT glitches. I'm SO excited!

Hey - I was wondering if those of us in Canada can enter? I didn't see a spot that said ONLY US residents, but then there is the line with city state stuff so I wondered.

This looks like a great way to share some wonderful ideas. i will be back to check it out even if I can't enter. (although I would love to get almost all of those prizes... :D)

Not all vendors have permission to ship to Canada. But you could keep that in mind if you win and when selecting your prize.

Hey, by chance. Could you tell me how do you know what place each person is in?

Good morning to all,
I tried to send an entry but something happened and it did not seem to get accepted and disappeared. I am not down though should my entry not make it. I voted for people that share with me their reasons why they prepare in particular family. No matter what comes that could totally change our lives, politics, economy, storms, earthquakes, drought, terrorism, government take overs, I have very little family and we are all over the US. Who will help them? Are they prepared. I consider my self a prepper because of 20 years (retired but working because of the economy) Law Enforcement, EMT, Firefighter, I have seen so many people unprepared for life in general and when disasters strike, even more unprepared. With the Lady Preppers, I thought i was prepared, but I learn so much from them especially why, family. Who will rebuild humanity and save the earth if not family? I share their love of self-sustainblity and how they do it and what else goes into prepping not just food and water but art, music, writing, entertainment, pollution free, off the grid family sustainability. With that I say, I hope that by sharing my love of gardening and giving, growing anywhere and everywhere you can, the world maybe saved. By all who share their love and enjoyment of family while prepping., Who will care for us when bad things happen? Family, not the government but humanity who reaches out to those who have nothing and gives them a pillow to lie on, food for their stomach and a package of food so they can get to their family or an area that they believe will be safe and a place to survive. Whether we have alot of kin, whether we know how to prep or not, family will be the key and I consider all of these people my family. They are welcome here if something bad happens and I pray wherever my travels take me and I am caught away from home they too will take me in. I will give them my gardening skills and stories in exchange for food and a pillow so to speak. Family is community and that is how we will survive and rebuild. another vote from me for #98
Thank you, Marsha

Hmmm...we haven't had a problem getting written entries in although there have been some snags in getting the video entries in. So I'd say just send it again.

Love it Marsha! And I THINK most/all of us in Lady Preppers feel the same as far as Family goes & you all have become Family over the past few month! Love ya my fellow Lady Prepper ;)

Wow! I just looked at the list of goodies! I would surely love to win a water filter, I am so tired of hauling bottles and buckets to another town to get good water. (Ours is saturated with sediment and sulfur its safe to drink but yuck does it ever smell like rotten eggs) I am glad I entered this contest! Thank you Kelleen for such a wonderful chance at a great reward!

Hi Kellene,

I have been encouraging people to enter into the contest and someone came up with a good question regarding the statement "All of these great preparedness prizes are being offered to a super-duper winner..." I think I missed that part because I have been telling people that the person with the most votes gets the first chance to pick a prize then second most, etc. Can you please clarify?

You're correct in your understanding. 37 prizes will be awarded to 37 "super-duper winners".

BOO HOO Still have not seen mine.....

Lilly, Sorry. It must not have gone through for some reason. I had some come in late at night on Monday after I went to bed, which is fine. If they were marked at before midnight they would have gotten posted, but if they came in without the full name, city and state, then I wasn't able to post them.

I just have to say, that I HAD THE BEST TIME READING THESE ARTICLES! I have gotten so much from them. Thank you for doing this. It was great to be apart of this. I now tell people daily some of the ways they can prep too. I use to be shy, now I feel liberated! Looking forward to see who had the most votes, they were all great stories!


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