20 Signs That Dust Bowl Conditions Will Return

dust bowlSome of you may be completely  unaware of what is meant when the phrase “dust bowl” is used. As a quick tutorial, the dust bowl was a devastating time in the history of our nation in which we had burdensome drought conditions coupled by extreme high temperatures, destructive winds, and harsh erosion in the 1930’s. This onslaught of dust affected the majority of the nation in one way or another because this dust bowl weather pattern sorely taxed already struggling farmers as a result of economic breakdowns endured during this time as well. Dust bowl means that crops fail, cattle die, and farmers lose their land to banks because they are unable to keep up on their payments.  The harsh weather conditions lasted from 1933 to 1940. Rain finally came in 1941. During that time people moved from rural settings to suburban ones. You can imagine what kind of economic impact such devastation brought to the rest of the nation.

Why Be Subjected to Ridicule by Appearing on “Doomsday Preppers”?

By Guest Author, Dennis Evers

Doomsday PreppersNote from Kellene, The Preparedness Pro: If you saw my episode of “Doomsday Preppers” then you no doubt saw the segment which featured today’s guest author, Dennis Evers. I was SO impressed with how responsibly Dennis has raised his large family and how sane and normal they all looked. I even found myself envious that his daughter, Ricky, could weld with the best of them.
Dennis is a former police chief and has created one of the most often referred to resource guides among law enforcement, military, and big business personnel all over the world. He’s definitely a man with a plan–and one which he believes in so wholeheartedly, he’s successfully been able to pass it on to his 11 children and their children. But more important than that, Dennis is clearly one of the good guys that the Lord’s blessed this world with. So rather than you having to “listen” to me today, I thought I’d give you a dose of no-nonsense, good guy talk by Dennis Evers. Enjoy–I know I did.

water, faucet, clean water

Is There a Water Disaster Coming Your Way?

water, faucet, clean water




What could be so important that I just HAD to write about your water storage efforts again?  Is our water supply seriously threatened? Is there a water crisis coming to a city near you? Is the U.S. about to experience a disaster that will affect your access to water? Once again I find myself struggling to write a particular article—not because of the complexity of the topic, but because I don’t want to cause any alarm, just some proactive behavior. It’s my hope that once you’re finished reading this little diddy, you’ll understand why I stepped way outside of my typical modus operandi and decided to share this information—and the lack thereof—with you today about water.

Catching Up With The Preparedness Pro

This week, Kellene, The Preparedness Pro, was off jet-setting across the nation. So she had to e-mail in her update for us so that we didn’t all think she had been kidnapped by zombies. *grin*

Preparedness ProNot much time to write this week. I was whisked off to NYC to promote National Geographic’s, “Doomsday Preppers.” After a so-so experience on the Anderson Talk Show (Anderson Cooper), I decided I’d better adapt and execute a bit faster, more in line with the cut-throat NYC and felt much better about the Fox and Friends interview I did the next morning. Here’s the link to the Fox and Friends episode.

MORE Tips for Preserving Eggs

, The Preparedness Pro

eggsI was up late last night slathering mineral oil on dozens of eggs. Walgreens had them on sale this week, large eggs, 1 dozen, for only 99 cents. (I can’t believe that’s considered a “GREAT” deal now, can you?) Anyway, they had a limit of 3 dozen eggs so I made the runs several times throughout the week at all of the Walgreens in my area. Two of the Walgreens were ALWAYS out so I got rainchecks. Yay for rainchecks! Then I remembered last night that Target and Wal-Mart price match. So I went to Target and started picking through the large, store brand eggs. I always open the cartons up (I’m sure you do too) to check for any broken or cracked eggs. I realized that I was looking at the Medium sized eggs instead of the large ones. So I started hunting for the large. When I did, I couldn’t see one iota of difference in size between the large and the medium. I went through several different cartons. They were the EXACT same size and yet they charged $1.79 for the “medium” and $1.99 for the “large.” Is it just me, or do you think that the “large eggs” have been getting smaller over the years?”

Safely Preserving Eggs

Preserving eggs in the refrigerator for 9 months is unfathomable to most people, let alone safely preserving eggs that long without refrigeration. But today I’ll make crystal clear how you can preserve eggs worry-free without compromising your health and taste standards and perhaps I’ll even shed some light on how Read more…