A Worthwhile Library for 2012

, The Preparedness Pro

One of the things that I enjoy most about the beginnings of a new year is laying out my list of library books to study that year based on what librarymy new targeted aspect of self-reliance is for that year. For example, this past year my goal was to master auricular therapy and to at least try my hand at raised garden beds. This year I want to master making artisan breads and some other alternative health care modalities. So I mosey over to Amazon and do some looking around based on my chosen topics, add the library books to my wish list and purchase them throughout the year. (I frequently purchase used library books because they are can be significantly less than the new ones and in great condition.)

Old-Fashioned Christmas Recipes

When Christmas time rolls around I’m instinctively drawn to some of the more old-fashioned Christmases in the form of decorations, recipes, enjoyable traditions, etc.  While I love the modern conveniences of today as much as the next person, for some reason the more old-fashioned approach to Christmas just lifts my spirits. So in the spirit of Christmas I thought I’d share with you 3 of my best recipes that I love to use at this time of year. I learn these kinds of recipes from historical records, journals, and family recipes which have been passed down for generations, as well as from some great books I always seem to find in the “For sale” section of my library each month.

Time to Stock Up on Toilet Paper, Batteries, and More–CHEAP!

I have specific price points set for the various items I purchase including toilet paper and batteries. When a product reaches a particular price point, I stock up. Well, recently I was made aware that Amazon has a “Subscribe and Save” option on their website for some common items that I always toilet paperpurchase and includes free shipping. Even better, usually if there’s a coupon in circulation that I would normally be using in a physical store, Amazon has that coupon available on their site that is mine for the using, simply by clicking on it at the time of my order.

EVERYTHING You Wanted to Know On the “Federal Agent’s Raid on the LDS Cannery” Story

Holy cow! What a mess!!! Here’s a breakdown of the latest “drama” in the world of preparedness. I will forewarn you though; I have gone into great detail on the matter of whether or not the whole Federal Agents, Raid, Demand Customer List, LDS Cannery, Mormon Food Storage Facility” is true. Not only did I do some major “gum shoeing” on this story but I also share some baseline facts here that really should be considered before you make an opinion on this matter. Hopefully you’ll find this information helpful and by the end of it you can base your opinion and act in your best interests and that of your family’s preparedness efforts.

The OTHER Wheat

Just because you want to nutritional benefits of working with whole wheat flour doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the light and fluffy texture that so pleases the palate. There are some fabulous options that you can enjoy with the different types of wheat that are available!