Only Four Days Left for Killer Deal on Freeze-Dried Fruit!

Every month Five Star Preparedness tries to provide a special group buy so that folks can have access to wholesale pricing without having to make the sizable financial commitment to one particular manufacturer that would be required to do so. In light of the rumblings of financial turmoil, Five Star set out to create a really great deal so that people could spend their money as efficiently as possible. This month (August) they promoted a great freeze-dried fruit buy, containing produce that is not commonly available in the world of freeze-dry. By personally negotiating this purchase by the pallet, Five Star was able to make the most of the margins which typically exist between wholesale and retail.  In fact, what they’ve come up with is below the wholesale prices that I can find on #10 cans of product which I have found to be inferior in some cases and certainly in smaller quantities for more bucks out of your pocket.

bed bugs

Creepy Crawly Preparedness

bed bugsGenerally speaking, insects, mice, and other pests and vermin are enemies of our self-reliance. While there are many gidgets and gadgets today to help rid our lives of these nuisances, we really do need to look at addressing such problems without the presumption that we’ll have the luxury of such comfortable tools in the future. I would suggest specifically being capable of handling mice, rats, spiders, ants, excess flies, bed bugs, crickets, and mosquitoes, etc. as these intruders can compromise the viability of even the best self-reliance efforts.

Today’s Real Reality Show

Friday’s aren’t usually a blog posting day for me so that I can get ready for the radio show I do on Saturday morning, but there’s a current event issue that I felt that really needed to be addressed. In the interest of time I’m not going to sugar coat it, but just come right out and share my thoughts on this matter.

Binky, Roxie, Sinta

Self-Reliance for Man’s Best Friend

When it hit me, I felt  so foolish for not having thought about it more specifically before, let alone plan for it. I mean really, you’d think that someone who eats, drinks, sleeps, thinks, writes, and talks about self-reliance would actually have the presence of mind to address being prepared for the long-term care of her babies in any scenario.  How in the world can I be a proudly obsessed preparedness-minded person if I don’t have a long-term game plan to feed my pups quality nutrition regardless of the scenario in which I might find myself? Oh well; I guess I can still hold the title of Preparedness Fanatic now that I’ve at least learned my lesson and solved the problem.Binky, Roxie, Sinta


A Prelude to the Financial Collapse

financialBecause of the serious nature of this article and the consternation it may cause some of you, please allow me to say first and foremost that I still believe solely in PEACEFUL preparedness.  In spite of what I’m sharing with you today, I want you to know that I am actually more full of peace than ever before because of where I stand spiritually, mentally, physically, medically, etc. in my efforts of self-reliance.  I reiterate to all of you who will read this article today that no matter what the external circumstances of your life are right now, no matter what you see paraded through the news, I KNOW without a shadow of doubt that it is STILL possible for you to take action which will create more peace than fear in the midst of these trying circumstances. This is not just some cutesy little word manipulation, folks.  It’s 100% real.  Thriving is still a realistic option for you and your family if you will move forward in pursuit of peaceful independence, not panic. With that being said, let’s talk about what’s really going on with the S & P downgrade of the U.S.’s credit rating and what counter-moves you need to take in order to ensure peace and comfort in your family.