Are You Part of The Problem?

Do you get frustrated at times with people you care about looking at you like you’re a couple slices short of a loaf? Would you like to be more successful in helping your fellowmen become more self-reliant?  Then read on with an open mind and heart because I’ve got some “tough love” to pass on to you; but I do so knowing that if you take to heart my suggestions two great consequences will come about 1) You’ll become more sure and competent in your own preparedness efforts, thus providing you with a greater abundance of peace and 2) You’ll fare much better in convincing others to step up their self-reliance efforts. Surely no one would turn away such perks, would they?

natural disaster

Surviving a Natural Disaster Begins Today

natural disasterThis article isn’t about surviving the impossible. Obviously, if an earthquake comes along and swallows your entire family and home while you’re sleeping, no amount of tangible preparedness will do you much good under those circumstances (although being able to tell your Creator that you at least heeded His warning while you were alive is bound to earn you some brownie points where it counts).  Rather this article is about being better prepared for that time when you DO survive the impossible because sometimes surviving can feel like a punishment when you’re left with absolutely nothing. So, what can you do TODAY to ensure your well-being and safety later?

Preparedness Pro Weekly Update

On the radio show this past Saturday we did a “Best of” replay as it was my 12 year wedding anniversary so I took some time off.However, I don’t believe that I ever provided you folks with the link for the show prior to that one which was on the topic of hoarding.  In this particular show I discussed the realities of so-called anti-hoarding laws, highlighted your rights and freedoms in this regard, and I also shared with you some ways that you can be more careful in keeping your preparedness information more private. Every once in a while I do a show in which I feel really good about it after I’m finished. This was one of those kinds of shows so I hope that you’ll take the time to listen to it. Here’s the link. Hoarding: PP blog radio show


The Truth and Honor of Preparedness

(Author’s note, this is a previously published article from our “Best of Collection” with a few modifications to reflect the challenges of today.)

preparednessPreparedness is a full-time focus for me as opposed to a hobby or a trend. I live it, breathe it, and think about it constantly whether I”m working or playing.  Obviously I teach and write about it regularly as well.  I will also choose to use spare time  to learn about how I can be better prepared by spending time reading a novel or non-fiction work that illustrates other possibilities for which I’m not yet prepared.

Why?  Because I believe that preparedness is about honor.

The Guilt or Innocence of Bystanders

Some time ago I was greatly disturbed by an article which announced that a state judge ruled that New York Subway  employees who stood by as mere spectators as as a young woman was gang-raped were innocent of any wrong doing.  The judge stated that the workers had no obligation to help the girl regardless of the all of the safe options that such onlookers had to help the woman such as the telephone, walkie-talkies, or at least the intercom system.

Perspectives from Joplin

I’d like to share just a little bit of perspective that I thought of while watching the events in Joplin unfold over the past couple of weeks. I have to admit, I read everything that was printed on the subject, listened to many radio interviews, watched YouTube videos and viewed many pictures which reflected the unfathomable loss that the people of Joplin suffered so suddenly.  Doing so taught me a few things, reinforced lessons which I had already learned and gave a face and a realistic purpose to much of the preparedness efforts I practice today.

More Cheese Wax Controversy??

Over the weekend I received 2 postings on the cheese waxing topic. Both postings were strongly AGAINST someone waxing their own cheese. Unfortunately, I feel that this leads folks astray just as much as telling a person that there is no need to prepare. So I wanted to add some clarification and THEN post the main part of the body of the message these individuals posted.

Preparedness Pro Update

 Well, I’m back from playing around and taking some time off, so your update is coming on a Wednesday. 🙂 Hey, better late than never I suppose. Wow. Can you believe it’s June already? The weather sure isn’t manifesting that. We’ve got record levels of rain, snow, and even low temperatures here in the West. Record dry weather back east. And record number of tornadoes and devastation as a result of said tornadoes.  Think Someone is trying to tell us something? Wow. What a way to start off the summer season.  These records aren’t just for the decades. Some of these are records for the last 150 years! It will be interesting to see what the hurricane season is like this year.