Eggsactly Right

Like many, I tend to be an emotional eater. And dog-gone-it, if I want a fried egg, I want a fried egg. And no amount of seasoning of French name-calling will sufficiently entice me to mentally switch from the envisioned savor of a fried egg to settle for an omelet made from powdered eggs. Yes, this certainly is a problem if I find myself completely out of real, honest to goodness eggs!  Powdered eggs and other egg substitutes are great for baking and such, but there’s just nothing else that compares to a real  fried egg, over medium–not to mention the fact that it’s also been impossible thus far for me to make my sinfully delicious cream puffs with any of the substitutes. So, not one to leave something as important as a hankering for a fried egg to chance, I’m happy to say that there’s a great alternative to powdered eggs or “egg substitutes.

Facing Reality–A Continuation of “Get Out of Dodge”

The last article I posted dealt very specifically with the fact that in the event of a major crisis, it’s not realistic that folks can just stay put in their urban environment and be safe, secure, and healthy. Instead I made several suggestions as to when it would be prudent to leave one’s urban home and head further out in order to have access to sustainable food resources, more water for long-term needs, proper sanitation, less crime, and a few other important reasons. The responses that I got from the article were mixed, as I fully expected them to be. After all, over 50% of the people on this earth live in a urban setting. However the various comments I read on this story actually brought up some great questions or at the very least a great opportunity to further teach about this topic.  I decided to do a part II t this because I am concerned that some of our readers are stymied in addressing the possible solutions that exist for them which will enable them to prepare AND thrive in peace in spite of some more serious circumstances becoming a real part of their life.

Preparedness Pro Weekly Update

Hey everyone! I  hope you all had a DRY weekend. My heart is just aching for the folks in Missouri and KS who have suffered some serious set backs. I hope we can remember to include them in our prayers AND we can learn from this scenario in order to better the protection and safety of our own families as well.

Last Saturday’s Preparedness Pro Radio Show was all about the impact of Freedom in our everyday lives. I shared countless examples of stories which have circulated in the news which reveal blatant trampling on our unconditional human rights, given to us by our creator, and our Constitutional rights as well.

Get Out of Dodge–“Urban Survival”

I was once asked to teach more about urban survival “because all anyone ever says is that you have to get out of the city when disaster strikes.” I also came across a radio show host who ostensibly discusses urban survival every week on her show. Well, I hope she’s got a very creative mind because if I were to address “urban survival” it would last about one hour, because frankly, there’s no such thing as urban survival folks. When it comes to dealing with a bona fide disaster, you need to get out of the city, plain and simple. This means that there’s a reason why you “only hear instructions to get out of the city when disaster strikes assuming you expect to last longer than a couple of weeks, at best. The problem, though, is that the longer you wait to get out of the city, the more dangerous your exit will be and the more problems will confront you as well.

Wheat Berries! Fast, Cheap and Delicious!

Would you like a few easy ideas that you can do with your wheat that will actually garner the joyful attention of your children, a sprinkle of admiration from your neighbors at that next potluck, and your own peace of mind knowing you’re serving something delicious and nutritious? Yeah, I thought so. So how about we talk about wheat berries today?

Ten Principles of Preparedness #9 Financial

As one really delves into the 10 Principles of Preparedness, it will become apparent that regardless of the need for prioritization of the various principles they are all inseparable and necessarily make an impact on each other. For example, Mental Preparedness has an impact on all of the others where skill and experience is necessary; Fuel Preparedness is nearly useless if a competence in using the various fuels is absent. Proper Food Preparedness will help to strengthen Medical Preparedness by nature of the quality of foods we consume. As such, when it comes to focusing on Financial Preparedness, a great deal of the heavy lifting of this Principle is actually accomplished simply by implementing the previous Principles. (more…)

Preparedness Pro Weekly Update

Preparedness Pro Update

Hey everyone! Apparently I’ve been falling asleep at the wheel when it comes to keeping our readers here updated on what’s happening in the world of Preparedness Pro. So each Saturday I’m going to make myself sit down and jot the updates. Here they are…

Do It Yourself Grains

So to start off let me ask you a question. Do you have your rice?

I don’t know about you, but rice is one of my “must have” staples in my home. It is a part of the 350 pounds of grains I have per person for a year’s supply.  I especially love the heartiness which my brown rice affords me. But there are some rough roads ahead in this regard due to the flooding which is going on in our heartland area.

Eight Truths About Couponing You WON’T Learn from The Learning Channel

You know. One of the most consistent battles we have to fight in our pursuit of self-reliance is misinformation. There’s always plenty to mislead us, cause us unnecessary heartburn, or make us worry. I believe that allowing ourselves to be swayed by misinformation actually diminishes us of our real capability and value in our lives. Take couponing for example. It’s one of my most important strategies in my preparedness efforts because it impacts so many of the Principles of Preparedness.  But I suspect that the new show, TLC’s Extreme Couponing,  is doing more to dissuade folks from couponing rather than taking it up and that bothers me. I bothers me because I KNOW that couponing is a great way for folks to actually achieve a year’s supply of food, clothing, medical needs, etc. for free or cheap and I KNOW that doing so doesn’t require a person to be some kind of a psychotic hoarder with nothing else to do but cut coupons and clear shelves.  So, I’ve decided that today’s article will be dedicated to helping folks cut through the shine-ola and hear the truth about couponing one more time. So, do your worst TLC, ‘cause I’m talking.

Dandelions–Friend or Foe?

So I have an entire back yard FULL of dandelions. Since I’ve planted my first ever garden back there, I’m not too thrilled with the thought of having to weed dandelions forever. Additionally, I’ll admit, I’m downright embarrassed about the appearance of the backyard and also worried that it means dandelion hell for my neighbors. Seriously, how does one make themselves a target of the Dandelion Invaders? Why doesn’t my yard look like my neighbors? Oh yeah, I forgot. My mom used to tell me “if the grass is greener on the other side, it usually means it’s better cared for.” *grin*