A Practical Perspective on Gold and Silver

Last Wednesday our Self-Reliance Revolution Radio Show was based on the numerous reasons and evidences that I felt a financial collapse was imminent and what we can do to insulate ourselves from it. (To be forthright, the solutions were rushed at the end due to the fact that I ran out of time—which I always seem to do when I really prepare and research a particular topic. *Sigh* Maybe one of these days I’ll get this whole timing thing down.) Anyway, I’ve received literally hundreds of e-mails since that show, and have been asked for clarification as to why I believe investing in gold and silver is NOT a viable solution right now.  So, since I didn’t really get to do the subject justice on the show, I thought I’d take a little bit more time here and address it.

Practice Makes Peaceful

“The unknown always equates fear” says Cody Lundin, author of “When All Hell Breaks Loose.” While I suspect that Mr. Lundin will never successfully convince me that I should walk barefoot all the time nor am I likely to take his culinary advice on how to serve up road kill the next time the in-laws come for dinner, I must say that I wholeheartedly agree with him on this one.  In fact, it’s for this very reason why I’m constantly begging our readers and listeners to practice using their preparedness knowledge and tools.

DIY Home Solar System

By Guest Author: Scott Bishop

Want a solar system big enough to do the work, without having to drop a mint all at once? Yes, they really do exist. Today’s article is brought to you by Scott Bishop, the better half of Kellene–The Preparedness Pro. While the article is lengthier than most, there really wasn’t a good “break” point. Besides, I’ve also got to include a follow-up piece on how to assemble the solar panels. Enjoy!


My homemade version of a solar electricity system for alternative and backup power

Ten Principles of Preparedness: #6 Fuel

Yes, I’m an airhead sometimes.  There have been times in which our power has gone out and so I tell myself “Oh well. Since the power’s out I might as well watch some television to pass the time until it comes back on.”  Yup. True story. And it gets worse from there sometimes. *grimace*  I’m clearly guilty of taking power for granted. As such, I’ve had to really focus on the various ways I need to be independent for my environmental control, cooking, lights, and other power needs. The stark reality is, our power and fuel supply is a very volatile system and can crumble to a halt with the slightest bit of provocation.  What most people don’t realize is that such an interruption is possible well beyond a few days, or weeks. It’s actually possible that we could lose our luxury of on-demand fuel and power for months and even years. So, what do we need to do now to suitably prepare for such a scenario? (more…)

Cooking a Frog

In one of my elementary school classes we were actually taught how to cook a frog. (Not literally, but our teacher gave us specific instructions.)  For those of you who don’t know, cooking a frog requires patience and time. You simply can’t just plop a frog in boiling hot water, it will just jump out (albeit quite injured). Instead you need to plop the frog into a pot of cool water, and then slowly let the water heat up from there. Doing so will cause the frog to grow accustomed to the increased water temperature and it will not jump out. Before you know it, you’ve got cooked frog with very little resistance.  Many of us are preparing for a moment such as the first method of cooking a frog.  We have this immediate response of jumping out of the hot water and surviving for another day. But too  many of us are preparing for a singular event of disruption in our lives rather than that which we are much more likely to endure—one of slow and steady inconvenience until we eventually find ourselves cooked, so to speak.

Flaky Chicken Cordon Bleu Rolls

Before I get to the recipe, I wanted to address one other quick matter. There were several of you who wanted to know more about the discussion I engaged in with my friend the other day. Well, this Saturday is your chance. Be sure to tune in to The Preparedness Pro Radio Show as we discuss “Corpus Delicti”.  The three words “injury, loss or harm” have never meant more to your freedom and independence. This isn’t a loophole we’re talking about, Folks. This is right there in black and white, so be sure to tune in!

Now for the recipe…

Peaceful Preparedness in Action

Today I posted a question for our Facebook readers. “What is one aspect of preparedness that you feel comfortable with right now?”  Unfortunately, for the most part the answers were riddled with regrets and superimposed labels of failure. I was a bit saddened to read some of the responses because the “cure” is so incredibly easy and yet there were many who were beating  themselves up for not having “arrived” at the perfect state of preparedness.

Preparedness–Your Personal “Source Code” Scenario

When a government plan is passed that I feel vehemently opposed to; when I hear of the levels of radiation in California water being more than 18 THOUSAND percent higher than acceptable standards; when I feel the intense squeeze on my finances as the cost of gasoline and essential grocery items skyrocket; when I’m confronted by the ludicrous foolishness of my fellowmen; or when a 12 year old girl is told for the 4th time that her Leukemia has returned–it’s so tempting to feel beaten and completely helpless—unable to do anything to fix it or to change it.  Unfortunately, that mental “beat down” feeling is the worst response to the unpleasant happenings in our world, and certainly one of the least helpful. But such a response is common place today. It’s my belief that such is the case because most people don’t have a positive and helpful way to absorb all of the mess in their surroundings so they turn to voices and vices which may yell louder and distract from the appalling realities that we find ourselves surround by.