Take Advantage of “General Conference” Sales

Hey Folks, Just a heads up. This week the “General Conference” sales go into high gear. I’m always checking out my local Macey’s, Bosch Kitchen Centers, and of course, Augason Farms for sales.  If any of you are still wanting to get a Nutrimill, a hand grinder, or a Kuhn Rikon or BRK pressure cooker I suggest that you contact a Utah Bosch Kitchen Center and take advantage of the sales going on here. I know that the Bosch stores near me are offering at least 10% off the Kuhn Rikon/BRK stuff.

As for Augason Farms,

Common Fertilizing Myths

As I’ve been venturing out a bit more each year in the area of gardening, I find I am surrounded by well-meaning, encouraging friends. I’ve heard more unusual remedies for a great garden over the last several years than I ever thought possible. Who knew that so many people had such diverse opinions about gardening?  But when I began mulling over some of this well-meaning advice, I decided the best thing to do is what I always do…research. As a result, I discovered that when it comes to all of these ways to get more out of your garden with the fewest problems, there are all kinds of myths out there. How they got started, I don’t really know. But I found it interesting that I found a kernel of truth in nearly every bit of advice I was given. The problem, though is that much of the advice comes at the cost of unnecessary expense, physical exertion,  and perhaps even a risk of ruining a perfectly good garden.

Behold the Manual Can Opener

I actually think it’s quite comical that I’m writing about this particular topic. But hey, every aspect of self-reliance should be addressed at least once on here, right? So what the heck.  Though the humor of this scenario comes from the fact that during the course of the  last two radio shows I’ve shared some “controversial” information (particularly on Wednesday’s show about The Medical Lies).  While I simply set a few misnomers straight on this morning’s show, I find it delightfully humorous that I got so many e-mails after the show regarding what I mentioned briefly about can openers.  You would have thought I exposed the fact that the dish had run away with the spoon and that the can opener orchestrated it all. *grin*

Ten Principles of Preparedness: #4 Medical

 This past month brought news of a shortage in ADD/ADHD medicine, vaccinations, and even the not-so-lovely news of pharmaceutical drug prices hitting a 10 year high—news that only heavy stockholders would care about. For the rest of us, I hope that this is just nudging us more strongly to quicken our  pace in getting off of any non-emergency dependence on the medical society. (Attention naysayers: I said NON-EMERGENCY; which is a nowhere near  being the same as eliminating dependency on the medical society all together.) (more…)

All-Natural Defenses Against Radiation Poisoning

Hey Folks. Rather than write a big, honkin’ article on this, I elected to simply post the radio show I did Wednesday night that covers it in-depth. Earlier this week I felt that it was appropriate to begin counter-move measures against radiation poisoning. For some of you who are simply limited to a range of iodide/iodade/iodine pills, that may sound a bit radical. However, if you utilize natural remedies, then you don’t need to be concerned about what such option will do against your health, rather what such options will do FOR your health.

The Necessity of Water Storage INSIDE Your Home

A couple of weekends ago I was visiting with a wonderful couple who live out in the middle of a gorgeous portion of what I call “God’s country.” Their house was up at the top of a hill with 20 acres and a beautiful, rolling stream nearby.  They were conscientious of many of the principles of preparedness—more so that most I get to visit with.  However, when I asked about their Water Preparedness, one of them said to me, “What do I need that for?” He knew he needed water, of course, but he saw no need to make room for any water storage inside his home when he had a beautiful natural source outside.  Unfortunately, as I began to share just a few of the reasons why this would be important, it was clear that I wasn’t going to be able to share anything new with him. He felt quite physically strong at the time, I’m sure, and perhaps even invincible to what might someday pollute the water outside his home, making his outside water unfit and even deadly to drink.

Breaking News: Meltdown taking place right now in one of the reactors in Japan

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Breaking news right now. Two nuclear safety commissions in Japan confirmed there is a meltdown taking place right now. How serious it is will depend on how firm the structure still is that’s containing the aria. Fuel rods are melting. This means there could be a huge mass of molten nuclear mess dumping into the water and then venting steam of highly radioactive material. Venting has been shut down at present in a hope to thwart the travel of radioactive material.