Food Shortage Series Part III

The Financial Storm Strengthened by Food Shortage

Today I will continue the series of Food Shortage. For starters though, I just want to say thank you for the mounds of e-mails I received from persons over the last couple of days begging me and encouraging me to continue with the series. It was almost as if some felt that I had given up on writing this series due to some of the negative comments that were posted in response.  Now, now, Folks; you should know me better than that. I don’t scare easily.

Food Shortage Series Part II

The Logistics of Supply and Demand:

I’m going to continue with the warning series I began yesterday. I was going to address the economic scene today, but I’ve found some additional information today and think that this topic is more prudent. Keep in mind that this is just ONE component of the Perfect Storm Combination that I’m addressing this week.

Bottom line is that due to the horrific global weather conditions that have hit this past growing season, you need to get your house in order asap so that you can actually afford the food and in some cases, get it while it’s even available.

Food Shortage Series Part 1

Warning: Food Supply and Affordability are Seriously Threatened

The Overview

Why have I not written for several days? Well, believe it or not, it’s not because of the television show that I’ve been preparing to have filmed by TLC, and it’s not because of the extra radio shows lately.  It’s not even been a time management issue and fortunately my health has been great. Unfortunately, my delay in posting something worthwhile is because I’ve been struggling with how to share the information I have in such a way that you’ll be motivated to act, as well as those you love, and not do so in a panic.  

I’m Cold–Please Pass the Hand Sanitizer

Ok. I’ll admit it. I have LOTS and LOTS of hand sanitizer in storage.  I frequently can get it free thanks to coupons combined with sales and at the very least when I have a coupon for Purell or some other name brand, I’ll at least use it at Target in their Trial Size section and bring home the little travel sizes for free. But lately I’ve become a little bit disenchanted with the merits of using the standard hand sanitizer. I’m researching a few things along the lines of spreading germs and I’m starting to lean towards the “if you’re using hand sanitizer you’re building up the immunity of bacteria” camp. I’m not sure I’m there quite yet, but at the very least I personally feel that using essential oils are better for me in circumstances in which I’d use hand sanitizers. That being said, what the heck can I do with all that I’ve got on hand without feeling like I’m being mean to anyone that I’d give it to? Well, I’m happy to say I’ve found several alternative uses that I’d like to share with you. Keep in mind, I’m referring to the standard, clear hand sanitizers that are the consistency of jell-o that went amuck. I suspect the liquids and foams would work well too for these alternative methods, but I’ve only played around with the gel since that’s what I have so much of.

The Foundation of Preparedness Under Attack

Perhaps some of you believe you understand the distress a person feels watching their family and friends take no control over their lives in being better prepared. Well, for the purposes of today’s topic, take that distress and multiply it by ten and then you’ll know how I feel when I watch my friends, family, and associates ignore the most critical fundamental of preparedness—that which makes all of the 10 Principles of Preparedness relevant.  The scary news is, if I were to assess a “National Threat Advisory” level in acknowledgment of this ignorance, I’d give it a level RED—as in “Severe risk of terrorists attack.”  Oh, and by the way, most people don’t see this particular threat coming at them even when it’s right under their nose.

“If They Could Just Get It!”

So, you’re trying to get your friends and family on board with the whole concept of preparedness because you care about them and you have a firm conviction that preparedness is vital to everyone’s life.  You have some semblance of an idea of the consequences that can be expected if one heads into their life everyday without a single thought for tomorrow, let alone being ready for it.  As such, you share, and you share, and you plead and you reason with your friends and family in an effort to persuade them to be better prepared.  Many grow weary of these efforts, feeling like they are fighting the entire British army singlehandedly and thus turn for help from a greater power. You petition God to help you convince those you love–perhaps in the form of a wake-up call, or a memorable moment of enlightenment? “Oh, if they could just get it”, you say to yourself.