Forever Foods and More

So, have you had that unopened jar of mayonnaise ever since your husband brought home the wrong brand 7 years ago?  Forget about it *she says in her best Italian mobster accent*

While most persons have heard that a Twinkie last forever on the shelf, but did you know that there are actually some other more common food items that have an unlimited shelf life? A little fact-finding mission with some manufacturers sure did surprise me and I’m sure it will raise an eyebrow or two for you.

The Self-Inflicted Wound

“Hello. My name is Kellene and I’ll be volunteering as your victim today.  Please try to keep your assaults isolated to hidden areas as I have an image to uphold.”

As I’ve said a hundred times, there are no victims, only volunteers.  When we volunteer to pay 300% more for something than what we could spend if we were more patient or proactive, then I consider that to be a self-inflicted price gouging wound. A real danger comes when we’re faced with the painful reality of such decisions in light of today’s economic stage. Attempting to ignore the consequences of seemingly innocent spending choices can literally make the difference between being financially strong or falling into a death spiral of financial ruin.

101—uh…Make that 20 Ways to Use a Tortilla

Creating a menu based on what you have and then only purchasing what is dramatically on sale is the mental shift I learned to accept over a decade ago.  But I believe that it’s a necessary way for me to live as it required me to be diligent and focused on what I do have, rather than what I may want.  That fits right in with my criteria of being more self-reliant.  Sure there are times when nothing will do

Sewing for Dummies

As I’ve shared previously, “Alas, Babylon” is one of my favorite books relating to preparedness. I can read and reread it and still find myself making mental notes, “Oh yeah, I never thought of needing something like that.”  For some reason the last read through had me really paying attention to the clothing aspect of preparedness. As such, I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts with you.

Food—A Worthy Distraction

“In a crisis, your food supply is everything” claimed the front and center advertisement on a popular news website.  Adding to the ridiculousness of the ad, a military scene is featured in the background, overtly attempting to insinuate that our nation’s faithful military will be helping those in need during an emergency scenario. Two things are really wrong with this picture. One, food is definitely NOT your “everything”  in ANY crisis, and secondly, when there is a legitimate crisis, there’s absolutely no evidence that we have any reason to expect that the military will be present to render aid.

Almond Milk

When it comes to milk, I’m fairly comfortable in my present state of readiness. I finally discovered a couple of palatable powdered milk options and so I’ve stocked up on that when it’s on sale, which brings its cost down to about 99 cents a gallon. It takes up quite a bit of space; but given the fact that I can make yogurt, ricotta cheese, sour cream, and buttermilk from it, I’ve been fine with that requirement.  I was drinking my powdered milk regularly and using it for all of my cooking and baking needs until I read “The Untold History of Milk” by Ron Schmid.  I became a convert to drinking whole, raw milk from that time on.  

Paying Attention to Foreshadowing

In light of California’s newest law to go into effect as well as the uncertain future regarding our access to quality foods, I am in a definite buying mood. “Buying what?” you may ask—ammo and seeds and just about anything that goes along with that including quality gardening tools, ammo storage containers, more range time for practice, etc. etc. If you’ve been too busy to see the recent news, allow me to catch you up to speed. (Important update: California ammo law has been shut down! Yah!

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High Gear for the New Year

What? You’re back again? Didn’t you get enough Preparedness Pro last year?  No? Well, we’ll see what we can do about that this year. I mean after all of the reading you did last year, and the classes you attended,  I expected you to be off and starting your own educational events and teaching others what you’ve learned. *grin* Well, there’s still nothing stopping you, but I still intend to be here and do whatever I can to help you help yourselves and those you care about to embrace a self-reliant life.

For those of you who are with us on our Facebook Group page, you may recall my posting a comment recently in which I vowed that in 2011 I would not hold anything back.   (more…)