Let There Be Light—Safely

Last year about this time I recommended that all of our readers try a 48 hour experience in which they only used non-electrical sources for light for 48 hours.  For those who did the experiment they discovered the hard way that what they had planned on for lighting didn’t exactly provide a suitable amount. Others found that the term “100 hours” is obviously broadly interpreted in the market.  Still others found themselves a bit frustrated with the lack of mobility of light—something that we rarely take into consideration when we’re forced to use flashlights and candles everywhere we go in our homes.  However, when I did this experiment I also realized some of these same inconveniences for myself when it came to needing alternative sources of light, but there was a problem revealed during my experiment that really gnawed at me for months.  The problem was the serious compromise to the safety of my home as a result of needing to use  candles,  kerosene lanterns, and even flashlights. 

Shopping With the Enemy

Perhaps you may recall that several months ago I wrote an article that took the position that one of the greatest threats to our safety and security were actually your neighbors and friends. Sadly, this reality is being encouraged all over the nation at present in plain daylight. It’s undeniably reminiscent of the behavior of the German people during World War II when the friends of the Jews, even Jews themselves, would provide information to the German SS Army about their neighbors simply with the hope that they would be treated more favorably than what they were witnessing all around them. As such, some neighbors and friends even provided false information in exchange for a promise of a more comfortable life with the Third Reich in control. Sadly, today the DHS has kicked off their own version of such a scenario by encouraging Americans everywhere to be the eyes and ears of the community and to provide verbal testimony against any suspected perpetrator of domestic terrorism.

Do It Yourself Colloidal Silver

 I get asked frequently for my opinion about colloidal silver and its use against all kinds of ailments–more specifically about fighting the flu, cold, chills, etc.—especially this time of year.  The fact is, yes, I have colloidal silver and I have used it periodically over the last couple of decades, however, it’s not exactly something I’ve been comfortable relying upon exclusively.  The reason for this is because I haven’t found any brand that has the shelf-life I require in order to invest in something like that. If I spend the money on an alternative health care approach I need it to last on the shelf and maintain its efficacy.  Well, the good news is that now I no longer have to spend a small fortune buying and replenishing my supply. I can now make it myself for a pittance and with some very simple supplies. (more…)

Plethora Donkeys and Wesley Snipes

(Author’s note: No information contained in this article is to be viewed as expert, certified legal or tax advice.)

Yes, quite the odd title for a preparedness article, don’t you think? Imagine my surprise when I looked down at my “oh so superior new cell phone that the computer geek of a husband made us get” and saw those very same words–“plethora donkey”–which had just been texted, by my hand, to my friend.

Preparedness Is…

You know, as I sit down to write my 500th article about preparedness, I stop and look at the recent entries and realize that it’s been a LONG time since I got back to the beginning, to the core of the most basic foundation of self-reliance. So I’ve decided to do just that today—reveal what I believe is preparedness at its core.

To me preparedness is not about storing lots of food, ammo, or creating a 72 hour kit. Those are simply activities that in which someone might be engaged as a result of their convictions of preparedness.

Now THAT’S What I Call Bling!

OK Boys and Girls. Today we are going to talk about a very important currency of the future. It’s called AMMO. (Pronounced a-MO, as in MO power, MO security, and MO of it.)

Yeah, I know I sound like a kook here, but sometimes I have a very practical side of me. And frankly, having ammo on hand is practical. But with all of the legends, myths, and political influence out there, it’s getting a bit frustrating trying to find just the right ammo that you rely on being there when you need it. And remember folks,

A Shadow of Things to Come?

The SARS outbreak in China. Hurricane Katrina. The Great Depression. The Gulf War. 9/11. The paralysis of all air traffic as the result of an “minor” volcanic eruption. The Indian Ocean tsunami. The Revolutionary War. The Cuban Missile crisis.  The Haitian earthquake. And dare I mention what I’ve come to label as “The TSA Invasion?” What do all of these things have in common? Well, to me, I think that all of these things are the shadow of more serious things to come.