Hyperinflation Series: Fighting Fire with Fire

Many moons ago (I think nearly 11 years) my hubby and I decided to go to Walt Disney World for a delayed honeymoon. As a part of our Land/Cruise package, we were given about $300 in the form of a gift card that we could purchase any of our food with as well as any items that the restaurants sold.  We did such a good job in budgeting the use of this card while we were there that we found ourselves still with about $100 left the night before we were to board on the cruise ship. In essence, our gift card would be useless and expired as soon as we left the park. So, my husband,

Pressure Cooker Delivers Ham and Beans in Minutes!

Gotta Love That Pressure Cooker!

Two weeks ago I had to make a meal, pronto, for my husband and I.  Since I had been writing most of the day, I hadn’t exactly planned anything. So at 4:30 p.m., I finally decided to rummage in my freezer to see what was available. I saw a freezer-burned ham bone. While that may not sound very appetizing to most of you, I assure you that freezer-burned meat is no problem when you have a pressure cooker.  So I placed the ham bone in some water and a couple

A Hoarder With Pride

Let’s face it. A household that’s full of enough groceries and other household supplies to last a year isn’t exactly a common sight nowadays. In fact, I know many persons who would actually label such a person as a hoarder. However, they would be woefully incorrect in this assessment and I hope that many of you can shake off the negative stigma that such a label carries with it. If I were to pay my utilities a year in advance or save enough money to live off of for a year without incurring debt, would someone presume to judge me as a hoarder?  Would such a wise financial act cause a sense of scarcity among the banks and creditors of the world? No. In fact, (more…)

Preparing for THE Worst

You’ve not doubt heard the saying “Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.”  You could say that I live by this particular motto in my preparedness efforts. However, today I’m going to discuss with you a topic that I have never seen addressed in a preparedness venue—preparing for THE worst.  What is the “the worst?”

More than 200,000 American women every year—in a time of relative calm, comfort, and civil order—are raped. Yet, in every crisis scenario which has EVER occurred in our nation’s history in the last 70 years—such as hurricanes, earthquakes, financial collapse, etc—the numbers of rape reports increase substantially amidst the darkness of tragedy.  So, my question for you today is, what are you doing now to PREPARE to defend against THE Worst in your everyday life as well as during a time of great struggle?

Dining With the Enemy

Sure, I believe that we should love our neighbors, but trusting them with our safety and security is a whole ‘nother matter.

The History of Neighbors:

You may find it interesting to note that during the Hitler regime, the neighbors of the Jews and so-called “traitors” were the greatest asset to Hitler’s intelligence operations. Hitler used all manner of lies, propaganda, intimidation, and bullying to get regular, everyday citizens to betray their neighbors to the Reich for either being a Jew or being sympathetic towards the Jews.  If a particular person were

Keeping the Peace

The purpose of my article today is to help to outline some aspects of mental and physical preparedness that we must take into consideration prior to enduring a serious scenario.  Whether it be an earthquake, a flood, a hurricane, or a financial collapse, there are some consequences which will definitely take place and I feel that it’s important that all persons who desire peace in their preparedness efforts, take the time and the work necessary to prepare for this very important aspect of preparedness—giving help to others.

Making Lemonade Out of Your Employment

As most of the readers know I believe that working for oneself is an ideal situation to promote financial strength and to eliminate vulnerabilities. However, I realize that the majority of Americans simply aren’t ready to make such a transition from working for someone else to working for oneself. So today I’m going to address some smart actions that you can take at your present employment in order to help mitigate some of the risks that you actually have in relying on someone else for your paycheck.

May The Force Be With You—Essential Oils 102

In my previous article about essential oils I addressed some of the scientific reasons why essential oils work on our body. Today I’m going to continue that bit of information and also address how best to use essential oils.

First of all, I think I should make it clear that essential oils are not oils at all.  They are simply the extraction of a cold expeller process (which IS commonly used for extracting oils.) But essential oils—if they are pure and haven’t been contaminated by cutting in other ingredients such as genuine oils—should not leave a stain on your clothes, clog up your humidifier, waterfall, etc.  I’m not sure who the person was who started using the “oil” terminology, but the term oil is misleading in this case. Mind you, the contents in a pure essential oil are not the same consistency as water. Most weigh more than water, actually.