Preparedness Pro’s Great Preparedness Giveaway WINNERS!!!

The much anticipated list of winners is finally calculated and the results are IN!!!

Before we get to the juicy details of who gets to add to their preparedness pantry for the great price of FREE by having their name drawn, I wish to thank our sponsors, Augason Farms, Five Star Preparedness, Shirley J, ChemiSan and Home Storage Basics for being ever so willing to provide the products for our giveaway.  I would encourage you to peruse their websites and see if there are other products they provide that would fit in your family’s version of a preparedness pantry. I know I sure have enjoyed their many fine products over the years, and, in my opinion, they just keep getting better.

SURPRISE! Your Emergency Drill Begins NOW!

Here’s your emergency drill. Can you handle it?

As you know emergencies can never come at an opportune time.  They are always sudden. No music lingering in the background to tell you that they are just about to pounce on you, right? So here you are, having an ordinary day, when some lady on the internet tells you “Ok. It’s time for you to put on your big girl/boy pants and see just how serious you are about preparedness.”  So, are you ready?  Can you commit? Can you lengthen your stride and see just what kind of a mental, physical, and tangible state of preparedness you are in? Don’t worry though. This particular challenge will only affect that food area of your preparedness efforts. Ready?

Dragon Bites Dragonslayer

by Kellene

For the past 10 years I’ve been teaching others how to easily use a pressure cooker in their modern-day kitchens. It’s no secret that I absolutely LOVE mine and simply could not live with as much peace of mind without it.  Amidst my classes I frequently encounter persons who have horror stories of how the pressure cooker blew up in their grandmother’s kitchen spraying tomatoes all over the ceiling. I always assure them that such horror stories have a logical reason and need not be the norm. In fact, I believe that pressure cookers are very, very safe to use in the homes. Think of me as the Pressure Cooker Dragonslayer. *grin*  Pressure cookers are harmless—unless

Preparedness Pro in Your Kitchen—Chicken Little Soup

Whether it’s a summer day or a hibernating winter one, I still enjoy this quick soup because it tastes so yummy and satisfies. It’s even more memorable when I am trying to ward off an oncoming cold. I call this Chicken Little Soup because I don’t use the traditional big noodles for this one, rather I use either Acini de Pepe or Orzo instead. Either way, it’s easy and tasty. In a pressure cooker all of the cooking is over in about 5 minutes once you bring it to a boil and set the pressure lid on it. Plus you can use all your yummy freeze-dried ingredients from your preparedness pantry!

A Parade of Self-Employment Opportunities

Idea Board I have had a lot of e-mails requesting some ideas for folks to look at for self-employment.  As such, I’ve come up with a list of ideas and companies that have caught my eye over the past decade that I would certainly feel good about recommending. Please note, some of these are just ideas. Some of these are companies that I have elected to be involved with, if for no other reason that I hate to pay full price for anything if I can avoid it (yup—but I’m sure you knew that about me already). Please note that these ideas aren’t necessarily original in any way, shape or form. They are simply my opinion that has been formed over the last 10 years of having various ideas thrown at me. Obviously this is not an all-inclusive list. That would take forever and a whole lot of Peanut M&Ms for me to write. But my goal today is to give you some directions which may lead you to what you’re looking for or at least give you the springboard for better ideas. (more…)