Preparedness Pro in Your Kitchen

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse and American Lasagna

I know. I know. I’ve slacked a bit with the Friday recipes.  So I’m going to give you two of my favorite standards today and hope that you’ll forgive me.  Since the first one is chocolate and the second one is a quick and easy lasagna-like dish, I think I will have earned the forgiveness.

Yet Another Reason for Food Independence

I elected today to share this article that was posted in the New York Times today.  It illustrates the presence of several other E-coli strains which are prevalent in our foods today and how the meat industry is resistant in taking any additional responsibility for them.  *sigh*

As I read the article, I just kept thinking

Oil Solutions

So, here’s the rub.  You want to be independent and stabilize your costs for vital supplies, but some supplies just don’t line up very well with your plans.  They don’t tolerate storage conditions that you have available, or they don’t retain their taste, color, and nutrition or a myriad of Read more…

The Scarcity of Skills

Last night I laid restless the entire night—yup, the entire night.  As I’m not a morning person, it’s rare that I am conscious enough to hear my husband’s alarm go off—both of them. (grin) But this morning I did.  As I heard the unfamiliar static of the talk radio station which usually rouses him into the planned activities of his day, I couldn’t help but wonder what would it require for the people that I care about to finally hear the rational, logical wake-up call for action—to be more independent of vulnerabilities which surround them?

Who’s Blackmailing You?


Live your life.  Don’t leverage it.

preparednessIn the world of “emergency preparedness” which any regular reader of mine will know that I don’t subscribe to, it is common to hear proposals to “get off the grid.”  Typically what that entails is someone living via their own food, water, and electric production. In some instances it may even encourage a hermit type of lifestyle.  Well, in understanding reality, I believe that the hermit aspect of being off the grid is unrealistic.  People, by nature, are a social lot thus making self-imposed exile unrealistic.  However, we still have the right and even a duty to be very particular of the company we keep, right? So today, I’m going to point out some villainous low lifes, that I recommend you cease associating with as soon as possible.  Unfortunately, I realize this

Preparedness Pro in Your Kitchen

In honor of the $1,500 worth of Preparedness Giveaway this month I thought I’d pass along one of my favorite recipes using this great shelf-stable dairy product combined with some of my favorite freeze-dried fruits.  If you didn’t know, Spiff-E-Whip is one of the 65 different prizes being given away for this special event!

How to Hold a Successful Preparedness Fair

Tis the season for Preparedness Fairs cropping up in regions all over the U.S.  However, in nearly all instances, organizers express dismay that their event was not as well attended as they had hoped.  The fact of the matter is, unless you do a really great job marketing, the only folks who attend a Preparedness Fair are the folks who are already on board.  It’s easy for them to slough off the event as “just another same old, same old.” So, what’s a fair organizer to do?  I’ll tell you.