Food Manufacturing Villains

by Kellene

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When I read articles like these,

Bribes Let Tomato Vendor Sell Tainted Food

I am reminded exactly why it is that I believe in having a well-stocked pantry that has long shelf-life.  I am also reminded as to why I do not invest heavily in canned goods if I can get away with it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t indulge in canned goods. They certainly have their place, but I definitely have reliable, clean, and safe substitutes on hand specifically to guard myself from the corruption, greed, deviant ethics, and just plain incompetence that plagues our food industry.   It doesn’t take a famine or heavy rains to give us cause to be more independent in our own food supplies.  There is plenty of cause every single day.

Wheat Meat Success

by Kellene

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My dear readers: Over this last year I have come to feel like so many of you are my long-distance pen pals—my good friends. So as such, I’m totally behaving like a “girlfriend” today in sharing with you what I did last night. I was so pleased with how class turned out that I just couldn’t wait until “later” to tell you all about it.  I’m quite certain that if you try out this process and the accompanying recipe that you will LOVE the results as well—and be a bit surprised with how great it is too.

So last night I was teaching my Wonderful World of Wheat class.


Debunked—Part I

For the last year as I’ve been writing and teaching preparedness full-time, I have received on a rather regular basis, e-mail messages or blog comments questioning the veracity of my information because the reader has found somewhere else where such information was frowned upon, “debunked”, or disputed in some way. Read more…

Brain Freeze-Panic Explained

by Kellene

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Panic situations, as the brain interprets them, assault us regularly.  When I say “panic” I don’t necessarily mean being attacked in a crime. It could be a matter of having 3 different choices thrown at you all at the same time. You stop. Feel a bit panicky and wait while your brain makes a decision.

The other day I was at the grocery store.  As I was taking off my seat belt I saw an elderly man just outside of the store crumble and fall to the pavement.  I swear it happened in slow motion (more on that phenomenon at a later date).  I am sure that I stopped for a second.

Just Breathe

by Kellene

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Fact: Most people, when exposed to a threatening, frightful scenario, will inhale and then hold it; when what they really should do is just breathe.

Have you ever heard some sudden disturbing news?  What do you hear next? Inward gasps, right?

Take target shooting for example.

Ignorance and Panic is Costly

by Kellene

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As I shared in yesterday’s article, our preparedness articles should have nothing to do with panic, dread, gloom, or doom.  Even though some may consider the Book of Revelations a bit “dark” it’s actually not if you read it in its full context. While it does outline what is going to happen it’s also emphatic in reminding the reader that this is what’s going to happen, but you can still avoid the anguish and desperation by being prepared and trusting in the Lord.  Knowing this aspect about preparedness is why I have a huge problem with “emergency preparedness” companies that manipulate and take advantage of people’s misunderstanding of what preparedness is.  These companies literally prey on the lack of knowledge and preparedness and confidence in what they sell.

I Was Wrong about Preparedness

by Kellene

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“Oh my. What was she wrong about?  Was it how she preserves eggs with mineral oil and without refrigeration?  Was it how she dares to store water on the concrete in her basement? Ooh. Maybe it’s that she uses Diatomaceous Earth in her whole grains.”  Nope. I’m 100% confident that I’m correct in all of those teachings.  However, I have been wrong about a critical aspect of preparedness in the past, and I’d like to correct it today.

The Vitality of Salt

by Kellene

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Throughout the world’s history salt has been taxed exorbitantly, wars have been fought for control of salt, and it has been used as a medium of exchange EQUAL to gold. Dare we ignore something that so valuable it even overshadows the Texas oil industry? In fact, in desert areas all over the world, the people are well aware of it lifesaving value.  In such environments, wars are likely to break out over salt mining rights just as easily as gold or oil.