Embracing SPAM

Embracing SPAM



I’ve encountered some pretty strong facial expressions when I insinuate that having SPAM in one’s food storage is an asset.  And to be forthright, I totally get it.  Even when we were dirt poor, my mother never made us eat it.


However, I wasn’t educated in matters of emergency preparedness then either.  But I certainly am now, and as a result, have come to embrace the wonders of SPAM.  I’ve discovered that if I cook with it much like I would chicken or pork in a recipe, then it’s delightful.

WHO Level 5 for Swine Flu

World Health Organization (WHO) just increased their alert to Level 5 due to the swine flu epidemic.  They’ve never increased to to level 4 previously so there’s plenty of reason to take notice.  Got your food and water, folks? Pregnant women more at risk from swine flu http://www.latimes.com/news/science/la-sci-swine-alert30-2009apr30,0,6098426.story Click here Read more…

MS-13 101

With all that is going on in your life, why should you be better informed of a gang of illegal immigrant rebels?  Because they are a realistic face of the harm which threatens your life, even your everyday life.  They are not an obscure gang.  In fact, the FBI defines MS-13 as the most organized crime entity in the U.S.  They are feared not solely because of their horrific violent acts, but due to their organization.  They specifically target middle and high school for recruitments.  They have no compunction of committing violent acts upon their fellow citizens, as they fear no repercussions.  

3 Reasons to Pay Attention to the Swine Flu



Is the Swine flu just something on the news, or should you actually be concerned about it from a preparation standpoint? The answer is yes, you should indeed be concerned about the Swine Flu—here are three important reasons why.



swine-flu-cellularFirst of all, understand the virus itself and you will understand why informed concern is appropriate in this case.

Just What Kind of Disasters Should You Be Prepared For?


prepareA frequent reader of our site once commented that she felt I may be a bit “paranoid.”  I truly wasn’t offended by such a label.  I’m sure for individuals who aren’t as zealous in their preparedness efforts as I advocate, it would be reasonable for “outsiders” to perceive mindful individuals to be “paranoid.”  However, I did correct her that I felt that I was merely “aware” rather than paranoid.  I’m convinced that such awareness has had a significant impact on my emergency preparedness efforts.  So today we’ll be educating you on just what it is that you should realistically be prepared FOR.  

Another Pressure Cooking Hit—Leg of Lamb



To me Easter Sunday requires a great family meal, but for me it has to include some lamb.  However, after fighting a cold for nearly two weeks and knowing that I had a full day of church ahead of me, I just couldn’t see my way to cooking it the “normal way.”  So I pulled out my trusty pressure cooker and commenced my magic.  

Disastrous Emergency Money Myths


Should you save money in this economy in preparation for a disaster?  If so, how much?  What kinds of currency denominations should you have on hand?  Should you buy gold and silver?  These are questions that readers frequently e-mail to me.  And while I will address several of these questions in this article, understand that ultimately the best monetary preparedness you can practice is

My Top 7 Handy Dandy Preparedness “Tools”

You may think that my top 7 handy dandy preparedness “tools” are an unusual list for emergency preparedness supplies, but I’m quite certain that you will find them invaluable under the right set of circumstances.  I love discovering and using items that serve a dual-purpose, especially when those purposes are compounded substantially.  If I have something in storage, chances are it serves more than one purpose. Whether it be medical supplies, seeds, a heater or wood, virtually everything I relegate space to store has multiple uses that I familiarize myself with so I get the most use out of my space.  Without further ado, here is my Seven Handy Dandy “Tool” list.