Cheese Wax Will Save Us All




Well, at least those of us who are addicted to cheese anyway.

  • Can you name at least 10 different kinds of cheese that you love?
  • Do you believe that cheese should be its own food group?
  • Are you helpless to abide by your diet unless it involves huge amounts of melted cheese?

Then this article is for you!

Preparedness for Fido and Kitty



I’ve had cats and I’ve had dogs. Regardless, they have always felt very much a part of my family.  My concern for their care in an emergency is every bit as important to me as anyone else in my family.  Here are some tips for you to implement in order to have peace of mind in case of an emergency.

A Precarious Position Indeed



I confess that it is doubtful I will make any friends with this particular posting.  It is inconvenient information that I share with you today.  While I happily provide you with a yummy recipe at the end of this blog, one in which you can make from your food storage supplies, I realize that what I am about to share is an unpleasant thought.