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The Preparedness Pro hosts her own radio shows twice a week on The Preparedness Radio Network. So now you can tune in every Saturday morning and get more great content and education for your self-reliance efforts! Listen and learn as The Preparedness Pro addresses current issues, challenges your comfort zone, and continues to educate in a panic-free fashion. You'll always enjoy great tips as well as be able to periodically hearing knowledgeable guests addressing topics which are relevant to your long-term comfort and safety.

If you are in the Ohio area, come join us for “The Sacred Nature of Preparedness” on July 10th at 7:00 p.m. at the Dublin Stake Center in Dublin, OH (which is right next to Columbus, OH). If you’d like any more info on this, just e-mail me.


Where are you located? Are these times for the webinars pacific mountian time? Do I need to adjust an hour for being in California?
Thanks, love your stuff!!!!!!

Yes, all classes are presented in Mountain Time. So that would make California an hour earlier. Look forward to having you on the webinars!

I just now happened upon this Web site, and what a refreshing approach to the subject of preparedness! From the perspective of one who has been in the Disaster Management field for over twenty five years, Kellene's Web site is one of the few that avoids the 'snake-eater' and 'doomsday' approaches, in favor of providing common sense advice.

We have indeed entered into a new era of yet-to-be experienced threats to our nation's infrastructure. One only need listen to the televised congressional hearings, (or read on-line Congressional reports) to appreciate that cyber, EMP, further terrorist attacks, and certain solar phenomena are very real threats to our nation. While preparing for their eventuality need not be all-consuming, I offer that it is incumbent upon each of our citizens to become a stakeholder in his/her own survival.

In addition to Kellene's recommended reading of William Forstchen's,'One Second After' sometime back, one of my own favorite written works on the subject of prepareness is Erwin Redlener's 'Americans at Risk', endorsed by U. S. President William Clinton and U. S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell. Both of these excellent works put the fragility of our nation's infrastructure in true perspective, thus provide a solid foundation for developing individual preparedness plans.

Interesting. Did you know that the predominant political affilation among "preppers" is Republican? I'm going to have to take a look at the book you recommended. I am a big fan though of Stephen Flynn's book, "The Edge of Disaster". He clearly illustrates with a great deal of research and studies all of the vulnerabilities that we have from an infrastructure stand point.

I would like to know where you got the defense "stick" you showed in the Nat Geo sequence in the gym. I am a not so elderly (57)year old woman who cannot get around well, due to damage caused from an auto accident. So I quickly would be a "target" besides my weapons, I would love to make myself much more unappealing of a traget by knowing how to use something like you showed. I might be disadvantaged by my current physical condition, but Im no pushover, so am looking for ways to protect myself & this seems a very good alternative I could always have handy. Kellene, I thank you for all that you do!