I’m always getting asked “when will you make more preparedness videos?”. Well today I was working on that and I found that there were some videos that I made but that I never published for some dumb reason! Doh!! (Although it’s certainly not the most earth shattering worthy video I ever posted. Perhaps that’s why it was missed by me…or it could be that I made it right before I moved into the RV. Oh well. Here it is nonetheless.)

In this video I just share a simple little tip that I use to elevate my cooking–simply by using the water/broth that you find in canned veggies and such as well as the leftover powder that’s at the bottom of freeze-dried produce or other products.  It’s simple and it ensures that nothing goes to waste. There’s also the Shirley J’s products that you can get on Amazon. 🙂

By the way, I use Thrive Life freeze-dried products every single day now. I got so tired of returning produce to Costco all the time as it went bad or moldy that I just started using my produce budget at Thrive Life instead. Not only have I discovered that this saves me money, it also plays well into my being the laziest prepper you will ever know. *grin*