Zaycon Fresh's Patio Steaks--Fail
11 May 2016 by
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It’s Zaycon Fresh time for me again. I’ve got FRESH, hormone and anti-biotic meat coming to me over the next 3 months.  I’ve canned plenty of their chicken breasts, bacon, sausage and ground beef, so nowadays I like to put some up in my freezer—especially the ground beef.  However, I was getting pretty darn frustrated by all of the wasted space I was creating the way that I used to do it, so I figured out a better way to break down those 40 pound boxes of ground beef that come in these large...
No fail pie crust
03 Mar 2016 by
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A great pie crust recipe is a must. But I've been on a quest to find a good recipe that I can make without my food processor in the event I ever need to.  So, I've finally found one that I've made enough times to KNOW that I love it. So I thought I'd share it with you all.  By the way, I've made two pies this past week in my solar oven even though it's been cold. As long as I have good sunlight for a couple of hours, the solar oven still does a beautiful job!!  Enjoy!!! No Fail Pie Crust--No...
food storage mistakes
16 Feb 2016 by
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I hate to break it to you, but it’s very likely that you’ve rendered your food storage completely useless by ignoring this one, critical consideration. So take a deep breath…be ready to learn… and then repent. *grin*   If you know nothing else about me, know this: I believe wholeheartedly in approaching preparedness with an “everyday focus”.  I believe firmly that if you prepare for the everyday types of scenarios, then you’ll be prepared for the more extreme crises scenarios that may come up...
15 Feb 2016 by
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The winners of the 4 RZ Masks that we're giving away have been determined.  If you're a winner, I've posted a comment after their comment to notify them! Congratulations to "Bunny M" "Gail Vance" "AngelB" "Amanda"  If you're one of the winners, be sure to message me via the "Contact Us" portion of the blog so that I can get your details so that I can send you your prize. There are 4 RZ Masks to choose from. They will be chosen based solely on the order in which the winners respond. So the...
07 Feb 2016 by
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What better way to come back from a prolonged sabbatical than with a review of a really cool product AND giving away 4 of these awesome RZ Masks to 4 of our lucky readers?!?!  OK. So I’ve totally ruined any chance for suspense here as I’ve already used the words “cool” and “awesome”. So I think you can figure out where this RZ Mask review is going, but seriously, I was totally BLOWN AWAY with how awesome this product is.  They not only made it superior to other masks in terms of science and...
17 Aug 2015 by
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 Over the weekend I received a message from one of our readers.  As usual, I will not share the name of the writer nor specific details about their location, but I felt strongly that this would be a great opportunity to remind us all of a couple of very important aspects of living a peaceful life of preparedness.  Her message was as follows: “Aug 13th, 12:59pm   There were horrible storms in our area yesterday. Winds clocked at about 75 mph, rain and lots of thunder and lightning. I try to be...
08 Jul 2015 by
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Ah... a cross-country move.  Such a joy, especially with 4 dogs in tow.  But, there's always some humor if one is paying attention. For me, I got a hefty dose of it from those who helped me load the moving truck in Utah and from those who helped me unload it in Ohio.  Just a quick FYI, It's common in my religion for people to help other people move. There are usually just a couple of church leaders that one can call to alert to one's arrival in a new area, and sure as sunshine you can expect...
Kellene teaches women's firearm self-defense
24 Apr 2015 by
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"Fog of War" is a term I use in both everyday preparedness, as well as in being prepared for self-defense scenarios.  Today I'm going to address firearm self-defense scenarios more specifically, however, before I do, I just want to bring up one point that applies universally to everyday preparedness. Having THINGS, such as food, water, ammo, etc. don't make a person prepared. PRACTICE using, finding, thinking about, learnign about the use of those things is what makes a person prepared.  A...
72 Hour Kit Rolling Backpack
07 Apr 2015 by
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As promised here is the list of my recommended 72 hour kit supplies. Mind you, this isn’t the minimalistic 72 hour kit. This is the “rolling” one. By all means, if you have something to add to the list or have questions as to why a particular item is on the list, simply leave a comment. Basic 72-hour Emergency Kit (*This is a list of ONLY the Basics) Clothing Leather gloves Shirt, pants, socks and shoes PVC poncho with hood Bandana Hat Sweat pants and top or other light workout suit Defense...
26 Mar 2015 by
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How to Deal With Electric Shocks/Electrocution --by Guest Contributor, Dan F. Sullivan Although information about survival and preparedness is abundant these days, it’s extremely hard to find information about electrocution. Knowing what to do if you or anyone else gets electrocuted is of paramount importance particularly after a tornado or a hurricane, when the power lines are down.   My first “experiment” with electricity happened when I was 4. I stuck a pin inside an outlet because it...
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