Home Storage Centers

Announcement New Retail items available at LDS Canneries in #10 cans or gallon bags.
28 Oct 2013 by filed in Food Preparedness
  Breaking News! More dramatic changes for LDS Canneries nationwide!   As you may recall, earlier this year I broke the news  initially about the big changes that were made by the LDS Church amongst their Canneries (aka Home Storage Centers). If you aren't aware, these facilities have been an excellent way for members of the LDS Church, as well as non-members, to obtain premiumn quality food at rock bottom prices. Well, unfortunately, I’ve got even more breaking news to share with you today in...
18 Jun 2013 by filed in Financial Preparedness
There has been a “rest of the story” kind of story brewing for several weeks since I first wrote and published the article about the LDS Canneries on May 4th of this year. So when the LDS Church finally provided a formal press release today with detailed information on that very topic, I decided that today was just as good of a time as any to write “the rest of the story.” Why in the world did I write the story in the first place and why did I have to add all of the “government conspiracy...
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