fire starters

20 Sep 2014 by filed in Preparedness
Awesome Projects for Preppers--by Guest Contributor Matt Stevens While there are a lot of people whose prepping starts and stops with stockpiling supplies, there are many others who make it a lifestyle. These people ultimately end up much better prepared, because they look beyond just having food and water and make or buy things to take care of any eventuality. With the high cost of buying prepping equipment and supplies, more and more have taken to making their own.   In pretty much all of...
14 Mar 2013 by filed in Clothing & Shelter Preparedness
  I've got fire!   The "perfect" fire. Isn't that something that we all want if we're going to go to the effort of building one? To me the perfect fire entails one with minimal smoke, one that is burning efficiently enough that I hardly have any ashes left over, and of course, one that puts out plenty of heat.  And that's exactly what I'm going to share with you today.   I remember tuning in to the first episode of the Season 3 of “Survivor”.  The show was still rated one of the most watched...
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