Zombie Apocalypse: Protect Yourself with Surveillance Cameras

By Travis Chaffin—Guest Contributor


Food, water, and bullets are at the top of the list for the Zombie Apocalypse, because we will be hungry, thirsty, and need to shoot things.  When a group is holed up in a compound fighting off flesh starved zombies they need more, they need extra eyes.  A functional and well-designed CCTV security system can be the difference between being alive, dead, or undead.   Today we will discuss what you will need to create a zombie proof security system that will be as valuable to survive as a fully loaded shotgun.

Zombies' 15 Minutes of Fame--or 2 minutes

PTZ Cameras to Scan for Zombies

PTZ cameras have built-in motors that allow them to turn, tilt, and zoom.  They are essential for live monitoring and tracking.  Most of the cameras sold and used in the world are fixed and can only see the area they are pointing to, but with a PTZ the user can move the camera and see 360 degrees and zoom into areas hundreds of feet away.


Infrared to See Zombies in the Dark


Infrared outdoor cameras allow the user to see in complete darkness.  The IR illuminators will generate light that, while invisible to the eye, will make the picture as bright as day.  This will allow the user to see everything around their compound without drawing unwanted attention by adding extra lighting. Vandal proof domes and bullet cameras are weather proof so they can stand up to the times when it is raining or raining blood.


Zombies Caught With Infrared

Recorder/Hard Drive to Investigate Zombie Activity


Recording the video is as important as watching it live.  During safer times, the user will be able to see the patterns of movement; this will allow the user to investigate incidents that occurred during times they were away.  The video is recorded on to a hard drive installed inside the recorder.  Depending on the size of the hard drive, one can record for a week or a year.


Like any other aspect of preparation, the time to act is now.  After the first attacks, when the streets are flooded with monsters and panicked masses, it will be too late to calmly call a supplier and order the correct materials.


The good news is that these systems are readily available and easy to install.   There are several practical uses for a surveillance system around the house now.


Deter & Document Crime:  The main use is to deter and document crime.  Whether it is theft, assault, or trespassing, having surveillance cameras will assure that evidence is captured.  Having cameras visible on a house sends a clear message to criminals to move on to the next target.


Evaluate Zombie Movement Patterns

Peace of Mind:  Another benefit of a surveillance system is peace of mind when away from home.  Most current camera systems have remote view capabilities, meaning the cameras can be viewed over the internet or over a smart phone.  This allows a viewer to check in on their property, children, or even an elderly parent from anywhere.


Liability Protection:  Protection from liability claims is a luxury that all of us could use.  With surveillance cameras, you will have the evidence needed to refute any false claim of an incident that occurred in or around your property.


Surveillance camera systems for homes start out at about $400 but they can be more depending on the requirements of the owner.  Every system should be designed with a purpose in mind.  When purchasing a CCTV security system, consult a professional.  Share your security needs and allow them to give design and product advice.

 This article was written by Travis Chaffin of www.2mcctv.com, supplier of CCTV surveillance cameras & systems.   Contact them now for a free quote on your complete CCTV solution or call at 1-877-926-2288.



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Um that should have said campaign not champagne. Damn spell check. But while I'm mentioning it, make sure you store enough for when the zombie apocalypse happens. Just because it's the end of the world doesn't mean you cant be happy.

The official website for the CDC is using the words Zombie Apocolypse for their readiness champagne complete with pictures of flesh eaters. No kid you not. If it's good enough for the national government it's good enough for us here.

These camera and the whole set up have come down in price. Places like tigerdirect.com and newegg.com have these systems on sale quite often.

We purchased security cameras for our home and my sister and brother-in-laws business. I just wish I had know about this system before buying the others, they are dealing with kids breaking in to steal parts off the boats in their storage yard. Quick money for the theif, but it costs the owner of the boat. We might consider buying them the more useful system, and let them take the other one home.

I posted a comment on another blog disagreeiing with an article in it and every-one in the free world and certain parts of China sent me hate e-mails but I
cannot help myself. Your blog is very helpful but to offer this deletes from the seriousness of your blog and the cause of prepping. As a retired police officer
I can say that we are not going to see an enormous amount of "zombies" but as any one that has worked in law enforcement and the medical field will tell you that psychopaths,sociopaths and bi-polars that quit taking their medicine
because aggressive, very strong and feel no pair or sense of right and wrong.
If the system breaks down we have 29.1 million people like this who will be
your zombie army.....................no hard feelings, just a difference of opinion...Donald

Really, one article that's clearly written tongue in cheek un-does the efficacy of over 600 others? Give me a break.

Kelleen, I too (like 'Donald' above) heard the word "Zombie" and my brain couldn't process anything else. I HAD to read the article to find out why someone was worried about Zombies! I get it that he is referring to using the word as a tongue in cheek situation but I admit it got me for a minute. I personally don't like this kind of referral because so many people think preppers are nuts anyway then to have someone use this term, well it kind of puts preppers in a catagory I don't like. I would rather see appropriate terms applied in a public forum so as not to demean a way of life I see as important. I refer to the two women on NG that were worried about (among other things) Zombies in the real sense. They came off as total nutballs and even tho their meager attempts at prepping were supposed to be the story, it became laughable and got lost among the Zombies. When a person makes a public statement it has to be looked at from all angles to make sure it is taken seriously by all people. Just my two cents and don't want to ruffle feathers or start a war.

I'd rather use the term "zombie" that have to be more graphic such as MS-13 gang member who's only way to stay alive is to commit violent rape. Some folks just don't process that very well. Anyone who knows me and my site knows that I'm not a zombie kind of gal.

Well, after hearing what happened in Florida..lol..you never know. We might need to start thinking about zombies on top of all the things we already have to think about to be prepared. I tell you, being a prepper is busy work. lol.

Security cameras are a great tool to have and use if you have electricity, if you don't, you're going to be looking at a blank T.V. screen. I know I can hear some of you out there saying “Coyote is crazy”, I have a secondary power source to power up my security system, well let me tell you a little secret fellow prepper’s, generators attract Zombies, and some Zombies even look for solar panels.

The best way to offset Zombies before the SHTF, is to get together with family or close friends and talk about preparing for Zombies before it happens, get them on board and get a plan together.

My plan includes a very choice group of family and friends who live close to me, who also prepare for Zombies, to bug out to my house with their supplies, so we can set up to be on the lookout for Zombies.

Just my 2 cents, don’t want to upset anyone.

Not every crisis scenario will involve a lack of electricity. We try to cover everything here.

Hi Miss Kellene, if you posted this and I've missed it apologies... How are you doing??
Also with the changes made to the site, the positioning of the "options" on how to comment is covering up the left side of the info. (hope that makes sense:) I can move back and forth to read it but it is difficult. Reason, I'm sure is my old PC that I jusr can't justify replacing right now:) More important places to put that 400 bucks :)

Well, well, I see that some folks just don't get it. The term "zombies" should be taken as anyone alive or "undead" that is stealing from or attacking you, anyone that wishes to do you harm. You don't need to believe that they are flesh eating to know that there will be people trying to take what you have and maybe even harm you. It's just symantics. In many "emergency" situations there will likely be no electricity. If you decide to put in a camera system, like I did, be sure to get a system that has movable cameras, IR or some other type of night vision and be sure to have backup power for the cameras, monitor and the multiplexer/dvr that you use to view the cameras. Yes a generator or solar panels can be a target too so think about this before you purchase your backup power source. There are some systems available now that the solar panels are foldable (and there for less obvious) and produce a lot of power, enough for this system.

Hang in there Kellene! I love the website & all your wonderful tips & hints, & helps. Some people have NO sense of humor! I love the term "zombie apocalypse"! My family uses the phrase to describe the coming crisis, whether it be economic collapse, grid failure, ANY type of disaster, natural or manmade. Some people just want something to bitch about & criticize. Blow it off & keep up the great work!

I think we all got the point of what he was saying. Just a little fun pun for a serious thing. If we can't find a little humor in things we would all go nuts. The main thing is to get what he was saying. As we all know, its not the dead we have to worry about. It will be the living that are determined to keep living even if they have to kill, rape, maim, steal or whatever they have to do to survive. We all need to think a little like that when it comes to our own survival and our loved ones. There is the time to be funny and a time to be serious and I am sure we all know the difference.

Darn, I guess my husband and I are from the old school. We have always referred to the roaming thugs as vampires. They suck away everything you have worked very hard for all your life. Wehave been "zombied" 5 times in the last few years. If you don't think the ms13 ,crips,bloods,zettas etc. are all over the place just looking for a chance to hurt you or rob you then just come to Texas. We know all about it. A good camera system is great, wish we had one before. We will be getting one soon trust me. Also, get your ccl, that is the only thing that saved my husbands life.

People tend to "laugh at" anything that scares them... thus trying to quite the rest of us from putting their fears into words. That isn't the same group of people who get a chuckle from using the word "Zombies" as a collective word to define all those thugs who have been so well described here, especially by Kellene and hamiltonflashes... Frankly, I think calling them "Zombies" is being kind in referring to "that bunch of people"... The truth is, they go shopping in other peoples homes like we go to the department or grocery stores. We pay for our items with our hard earned cash and they don't. So if that happens now, it doesn't take a great deal of imigination to know what will happen if there's a total break down in society. If a person doesn't have any imagination, just watch the news.
We are all at different stages of "gettin there" and sometimes say things that later we realize our comment was truly out of our ignorance.
This senior so appreciates your generous sharing and to those who have all the means, including youth and health, don't discount the voices of experience. We to experienced a break-in and it wasn't "in the city, nor bad neighborhood, where all thos bad things happen"... tongue in cheek, here. When you've been there, done that; you know, you know that you know and you know that you know what you know! So Miss Kellene, you keep talking and sharing and introducing us to your friends who are willing to share... A lot of us are listening..

Our defense is to involve family, close friends, and close neighbors because the best way to survive is to have a plan of action, preparedness and building your own community defense. Our close friends and neighbors all know WSHTF they will relocate with their stuff and their skills to one location so we will be fortified and unified.


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