Catching UP and UP with Preparedness Pro!

preparednessI don't know about you, but I sure am tired of our site going down all the time. And it seems to be getting slower and slower and slower. So we are taking the plunge and switching over from Dotster to Blue Host. This is not an easy peezy task and it will take several days so I'm giving you fair warning. Starting this Sunday, June 10th, through Monday the 18th we'll be transitioning our site to our new format. Not only will we be using a new server, but we'll have some exciting new features for you as well.

Being all about self-reliance, I don't like having to rely on someone else for getting the word out to Preparedness Pro readers--especially when that someone else continues to manifest questionable business practices including the violation of privacy and censoring of posts. As such, we no longer want to rely on Facebook to get the more timely information out to our readers. So when we come back after this upgrade we will have a new forum for you all to use safely and without Facebook nosing around and without having to see those pornographic advertisements to the side of your screen either!

preparednessWe'll also be coming back with some new features that folks will have access to via a basic membership package. It's getting to the point that I'm drowning in hundreds of e-mails each day. Many people are just e-mailing me directly to ask me questions on how they should do a particular project or approach their preparedness. For years I have personally answered these e-mails but with so many things going on behind the scenes now I just don't have the time to answer all of them. So I'm going to have to cull the herd, so to speak, and I'll be answering such questions in the forum so that everybody else can benefit from them, and so that it can be a good research tool for everyone else as well.

preparednessNow, even more good news.  Marie Claire Magazine is coming out at the end of this month to do a piece on me. As such I'll be putting together a local Feminine Fortress class (the rape prevention course that so many of you saw on National Geographic's Doomsday Preppers). This will be the full length class, though, so it will be complete and with lots of real-life scenarios to prepare for. I'll also be teaching another one of the the Culinary Classes at the prestigious Thanksgiving Point Emporium Kitchen while Marie Claire is in town. This class will be a full 2 hours of creating typical labor intensive dishes in a matter of minutes thanks to the modern technology of pressure cookers! I'm SO excited to be able to do a full, intensive, and thorough exploration on this topic. It's not only a must for any kitchen nowadays--in my opinion--but I definitely feel that it's a must for any person who wants to be more self-reliant as it helps to conserve water, fuel, and effort and time! And it makes everything taste SO much better with a better nutrition content. Anyway, if any of you ladies are interested in participating in the Feminine Fortress class and you don't mind if you're mug ends up in one of the top fashion magazines in the nation, then contact me directly and I"ll give you details.

I probably should clarify just for good measure that the Feminine Fortress class is just for women. The only guy that will be there is the one that I'll be beating up on--my hubby. (and I suspect the cameraman with Marie Claire might be male as well). This is a VERY SAFE environment. I will NEVER offer this class on a DVD as I have to be in tune with the emotions and state of mind of my students during the class. We are, after all, dealing with a very serious topic and I know that 1 in 5 of my students have been the victim of an attempted sexual assault or physical assault. I simply can't exercise those kinds of sensitivities from behind a camera on DVD.  Women from age 13 and up are invited to attend. This is NOT a physically intensive class. In fact I tell people a couch potato can handle it. That doesn't mean that you won't break a sweat, though. But when you are finished with this event, I suspect that you will be like 95% of my previous students.  They have expressed that it's the best one they've EVER experienced on this topic as it prepares you for REAL LIFE scenarios with strategies that you can actually execute and REMEMBER under a time of extreme stress and trauma.

preparednessNext--we are officially off and running on THREE books. A cookbook which will cover the entire gamut of making fabulous dishes from shelf-stable foods, including how to make the basic ingredients yourself such as cheese, sour cream, yogurt, and other dairy products. Another will be the focused on the 10 Principles of Preparedness and will be helpful both to the beginner and the seasoned self-reliant minded person. And lastly we'll be putting out the Pantry Makeover book which will hold your hand and convert your culinary life from vulnerable to victorious in nearly every scenario and also convert your recipes from ho-hum to hallelujah! *grin* This has been in the works for some time and I expected for only one book to come out of this. But apparently the Lord wants all three to come to light and fast! So I'll be pulling double duty in the writing department for a while.

There is also a very, very big surprise in the works that I'm unable to let out of the bag just yet. But suffice it to say it's a really big deal and my jaw still pops open in awe every time I realize it's really real. I've pinched myself so many times to make sure I'm not dreaming that I'm sure I've got a bruise or two. But suffice it to say it will be really great for anyone who wants to be more self-reliant, is just starting out, and/or who really wants the tried and true information as to how to get self-reliant without discovering the hard way that there are some nasty holes in their plans.

Now, for the not so good news. I had put a lot of work into planning a summer tour to teach the Feminine Fortress class in cities all over as well as a new 20 hour Preparedness Pro Boot Camp. This tour was also to be the launch of our new Preparedness Pro Chapters so that we can reach out more personally and provide a hands-on experience to other people. Apparently, though, my plans weren't exactly what the Lord had in mind.  After fiercely struggling with endometriosis for nearly 15 years now I'm to the point that all of the alternative health options I've used just can't keep up with the Stage 4 state that it's at now. I'm 45 and it's only going to get worse. Plus the DNA makeup of endometriosis at this stage is very similar to uterine cancer and with all of the adhesions that go along with the endometriosis, it makes it more difficult to catch the uterine cancer if it's ever present. PLUS, I never really know when the endometriosis is going to knock me on my keester. preparednessI can feel just fine and dandy one day and then find myself writhing in pain the next. I simply can't afford that kind of vulnerability. There's much more to life than that and while I feel very blessed with how functional I still am able to be with this and the fibroymyalgia, I simply am not willing to be exposed to that vulnerability any more--especially if it were to jeopardize any of these other exciting things that are just around the corner. I need to get it taken care of with the help of qualified medical professionals in order to give myself a fresh start. After which, it's our strategy that  my positive eating habits and alternative care methods will prevent it from ever coming back.  So, I'll be undergoing surgery next week, with the accompaniment of lots of prayers that I get to keep all of my female parts, and then be recouping afterwards. At least I can still use my laptop from bed--though I may drool and write non-sensical things in the process--but you won't notice any difference there, right? *grin*  It's all good. I feel really good about my OB and we're on the same page. And I know that it's an appropriate action right now in my life. So, it's onward and upward and upward and upward from here. I can't wait to get back to my Krav Maga classes and hiking with the dogs and --oh yeah--teaching the Feminine Fortress class!!


preparednessTo end on a more positive note, this month we'll also be launching a new blog site that will cater to the faith principles that I have as they relate to self-reliance and this nation; and I'll be able to have an outlet to share those with friends who share that same faith. I keep getting asked to give firesides (spiritual based lectures) but the timing is a bit of a tap dance between my schedule and the schedules of the wards/stakes/churches who typically plan an entire year in advance. As such, I'll be presenting the more religious side of self-reliance based on scriptures and sound gospel doctrine  from the blog site so that those who have an appetite for that can go there without intruding on the beliefs and values of our regular readers.

The new site will be called The Song of Abinadi. ( It will be up by July 1st!  I'll only be able to post to it a couple times a month in order that Preparedness Pro can still be my primary focus. I've also cleared everything else off my plate, even winding down my contract copywriting work, so that I can be ALL-IN with Preparedness Pro. I would never have believed 3.5 years ago that it would come to this more than full-time effort, but it sure has. And I'm tickled pink!

So, onward and upward, folks. Prep on!

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Kellene, I'll be praying for your surgery-I had to have it done also & haven't regretted it a bit-feel a million times better! God Bless you Jan

You are an incredible inspiration to me. I pray for a quick recovery for you. I also pray that God will give you the health and everything else you need to continue your wonderful work. God has given you a very unique mission; thank you for being open to Him. I am not LDS; however, I feel that you are a sister in Christ. I look forward to your new spiritual blog as well as continuing with the preparedness pro.

And I you, Phyllis. Thank you!

Good luck on your websits, books, and all your other projects. I will pray for you, that the surgery will go well. I truly appreciate everything you do, and know Heavenly Father will bless you for your effots!

I will be saying prayers for a fast recovery. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. God Bless.

I'll be praying for you and your medical staff to have caring hearts, clear minds and steady hands. Hopefully you can go all Krav Maga on your girl parts and whip them into shape. God has given you a great gift and I am blessed with its benefits. If you ever do make it out to North Carolina areas for a prepper shin-dig I'm signing up for as many of your classes as possible. Very intrigued by the idea of your books. You have lead me to so many other books that I think yours will be so stink in' cool. Thank you.

Wow, so happy to hear about the hosting switch. When I can't visit your site I feel kind of lost, you know. I thought someone was doing it on propose *grins*. Don't think I could do this prepping with out you all, especially you Kalene. I canned butter today, first time. Wow, my family and friend don't even know me anymore with all this "weird" stuff I am doing. I LOVE canning. Crazy, I don't even cook well. Kalene, God be with you for your surgery and a full recovery. He will walk you though it and we will all be out here praying for you. I am sure you will feel it and heaven will hear it for sure. Looking forward to the books. Love your course work too. Since your coupons class, I go dumpster diving at the local recycle center for coupons, who would have thought. Call me crazy like the rest of you all. Blessings

Prayers and positive thoughts out to you sisterfrend. Can't wait to hear that you are up and well. I am so excited for your books and to follow your new adventure!

Take care of yourself! You're a valuable member of the community and I think you're great!

Kellene I have been one of those hundred of emails you get everyday. It never even crossed my mind how many you get. And yet you always reply!! Thank you for sharing your time and energy with us
I will keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery and for the whole surgical team to be guided by God's hand. You will want someone to stay with helps.
All the new avenues sound great and really productive! I love the forumn idea. You know me....research and practice makes us all wiser.
Your prayer/prep sister inTexas...Cindy

My prayers will be with you as well. Hoping for a sucessful surgery and a quick and easy recovery. God bless you for all you do.

All Healing prayers heading your way Kellene. My Mother Had "Endo".....and a few other nasty little things to go with I am familiar with where you are at. You take care and Get well, all those other things will come in due time. Your health is #1. Blessings and God's speed.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for all you do for all of us!! I look forward to your new site and exciting books! Take care of yourself.

Good luck, Kellene! I'll be praying for you and your doctors. Surgery is never fun, but hopefully this will give you a new lease on life. I appreciate all the wonderful things I have learned from you, but mostly I appreciate your humor in all aspects of your life. I would love to be involved in your classes, will you post more details on how to get involved with them, dates, contacts, etc? Thanks so much, and know that there will be many prayers for you this next week!!

You AND your doctors are in my prayers Kellene! I am so excited for all the things that are just around the corner for you. Things are really happening aren't they. You deserve it. You are an amazing hard worker. Look forward to your new blog! Hope we can get a reminder {those of us on your e-mail subscription}.

Kellene, I too have been one of those people who e-mailed too often, not thinking. I appreciate your guiding me to the blogs. Lots of info out there from many people who don't realize they have something to offer. I will be praying for you and the doctors, but I know everything will be fine. I find that the power of positive thinking (law-of-attraction and all that) works wonders. I am looking forward to the cookbooks-I want them all. Thank you so much for all you do for all of us- I don't know how you find the time. Maybe I'll see you in Denver, soon. Hang in there.

Kellene, I'll be praying for you too. Can't wait for you to feel like a new woman,and you will, believe me. If I were you, I would "milk" all the pampering now because it will be back to the drawing board before you know it. God Bless and thanks for all you do.

I know dear, you will probly get a Blessing b4 your surgery. Heavenly Father will take care of our most wonderful and trusted friend. We all love you and will keep you in our prayers.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and the people that will have you in there care while you undergo your surgery. I always look forward to this blog and I will be looking forward to the new one. You are a brave soul and God has his hand on you. Thank you for all you do.

Kellene, you and Scott are in my thoughts and prayers! I hope you both feel peace and comfort, confidence and hope that all will be well! As for the new stuff, you never cease to amaze me! Can't wait for all the new projects! :-)

Praying for you & Scott! God has So Much in store for you both, I am Convinced all will be well soon. Great time for Scott to learn more of your cooking techniques. ;) I CAN NOT Wait to see what all God has in store for you both! Thank you for sharing with all of us.:)

Let me add my prayers in there to. I went through several surgeries for the same thing and finally the ultimate one. Thankgoodness for my Relief Society sisters. They were there for me all the way. I know yours will be there for you also. I know you will be feeling soooo much better after it is all over. I am looking forward to your books you are awsome, where do you get all that energy, can we can some of it and sell it on Five Star "grinning" Take care andd take some good rest time. Pat


Can't believe you do all you do and you feel so poorly. You are in my prayers and I hope you will have a speedy recovery. I just want you to know how much you are appreciated! You are a very special lady, thank you for all you do for us!

Kellene, I had endo of the uterus at 26, had it removed, had endo of the ovaries at 46, had them removed, now have endo in non-female parts (didn't know it was possible). It's tough going but with prayers and healthy living I get through the days. I know it's been tough for you but the Lord knows what you are capable of and will be there with you through your surgery and recovery. It will take time but allow your body to heal and don't rush it or it could cause further complications down the road (I know, that's part of my problems now). You and Scott are in my prayers. Take your time, we will all be here when you get back.

From our house to your home, may you be blessed with a speedy recovery, that they give you wonderful news when it is all done. We shall miss you while you recovering, we want you back , so please do rush your healing time.
Our prayers are with you and your family.

Missed one word:
Please Do NOT rush your healing time...............

Kellene, you really need a better way of getting a vacation! Please rest up and heal. I'm fairly certain the world will be here tomorrow and if it isn't ..... problems no longer matter!
Sending prayers and big Internet hugs your way and we will keep working on the 10 areas.
I wonder if we could do a pledge type system but instead of pledging money we pledge doing one of Kellene's tests or Inventory our preps or get some training or volunteer! Something that is tough and we have put off because of time, life or laziness. One of the really hard items we know we need to do but haven't done? Have a sort of open thread where folks can state the pledge and how well it did or did not work out and what you learned. Then Kellene can go over them and address them either with a link to a previous post or have a ton of ideas for the new site!

I will be praying for you BUT if you read this and take suggestions...I would seek out a Naturalpathic Doctor and see if you could forgo the surgery. I have been under this kind of care for years...I'm 64 and doing amazing...never any drugs etc.
I live in Colorado and have gotten so many of my friends from all over to come out and visit these Drs. They are so thankful for leading them in this direction. I hope you will consider this as a possibility. It could change your life. Thanks for all you do and we love all the advise...I hope and pray you will once again consider this alternative!
God Bless

You're probably new to this site. I'm actually a BIG advocate for alternative medicine. I'm a highly functional Stage 4 endometriosis and fibromyalgia challenger. (never a "victim" or "sufferer"). Unfortunately I haven't always been that way. I believe that the human body is a miracle and is capable of handling itself if given the right tools and enough time. Unfortunately, sometimes we don't have "enough time" and we need some more aggressive help. No matter what level of help it is, I trust that He is in control and watching over me.

Thanks so much for your kind well wishes!

Kellene, good liuck with your surgery. My thoughts and prayers are with you...wishing you a speedy recovery. Looking forward to your new site and books. It all sounds very exciting, however, Your health comes first Sandy in New York

Please know that you and Scott are in my prayers.

Praying all goes well and that your surgery works perfectly and you have a speedy recovery. Looking forward to all the great things you have planned in the future!

Prayers being said for you for a successful surgery and quick healing!!!
God Bless you Kellene.....

I hope all goes splendidly with your surgery and that you're back in full swing in no time. Best wishes.


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