Important Article Link- "Economic Collapse Update"

To be forthright, when I read this article I found myself wishing that I wrote this well. Meanwhile, as I am reading it I found myself appreciating this additional "voice in the wilderness" trying to share some of the same information that I do regarding Financial Preparedness.  If I am to be honest with myself, I have to reconcile the fact that this is too good of an article for me NOT to share. So, here I've placed it, front and center, which I hope all of my readers will take time to appreciate.  He tells it like it is, he proves it, and then he tells it again. What more could you ask for?

Economic Collapse Update: Acceleration In Autumn

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I saw it and thought it was excellent.
Alex Jones featured the more recent article on the site "High Noon In America" today.
It is also excellent, especially this passage - " sometimes feels like you are trying to turn back a herd of mentally deficient cattle stampeding towards the door of a slaughterhouse. You could put up a twelve foot neon sign flashing “DANGER, YOU RAGING IDIOTS!” and people would bumble right through it while complaining that you’re in their way."

WOW! What an article....Very educational, I just wish I had known some of this a year ago. I think it is to late for me to stock up on Silver or Gold....Have been busy stocking up on Food,water,med supplies etc. Try to buy a little each month..(bought Five Star Preparedness sprout system last night)Have been trying to figure out how I stock some cash, be it silver coins or whatever....Do they even make silver coins anymore??? I could sure some suggestions in this department, Kellene. Thanks for all the great info over the past year...Keep it coming. PS. My prayers to your friend>>>>

Save all silver coins dated before 1964 - they have higher silver contents. Save all pennies dated before 1982 - they have higher copper contents.

razr, I have used both APMEX and Govmint over the Internet. I like APMEX better and they have 1/2 ounce coins all the way up to 10 oz. bars. Good prices, but shipping does add to the cost.
In Idaho we have all kinds of PM (Precious Metal) retailers you may want to google it and see if anyone sells local. You might also check pawn shops, that's how I got started, and they should be regulated on how they buy and sell PM. Just check your local laws first for how it's regulated.


This has caught the attention of lots of folks that share our opinion of the current situation we face.

Folks dumped their money into wheat, corn, soy and oats Friday. I think it's a little ominous.

Look at metals as a store of wealth. At least for the 1st-3rd month it will based in cash and barter system. That also depends on how far the system breaks down. If we are looking at Hyper-inflation you may be able to pay off a big home or grab some land. With 30-50 silver ounces. You got that already? Besides food,water and sanitation. You got games and crosswords. You have heat and light and fuel already bought an stored?


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