Undeniable Food Shortage for 2010

Food Shortage

by Kellene

I hope that you all are ready for this. Don't panic. Get organized. Make an accounting of what you really have. And fill in your gaps. But please stop delaying it.

2010 Food Shortage Crisis Means Financial Armageddon


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The governments of all countries have vested interest in keeping the people in the dark about food shortages. Governments have a vested interest in preventing panic, hoarding, and violence. Now the folks here would encourage you to have food for a year. They aren't commercial food producers, trying to get new regulations against gardens or small animals.
We want you prepared, and ready. No panic, no violence. But most governments realize most folks won't prepare.
Why did stores limit purchases when the "Biofuel mandate" from US congress came through and we had food riots world-wide? Riots were in Haiti, Africa and Asia. Why did we in the USA face rationing?
Isn't in the best interest for a company to sell it's products and make a profit? It's government rationing by proxy. Why would a business care about selling out of a product if they could get more and satisfy their customers?
If Kellene is wrong, the worse thing that can happen to you is you don't have to pay for groceries for a year. I ask you what kind of guarantee you are getting from your government? Look at some the shelters they have setup recently. From Katrina forward, they don't do a great job on providing basic security for your self or your family. Water/Food FEMA said they will NOT have it in place for 3-14 days. If you are lucky you may get into a Salvation Army or Red cross shelter, maybe one sponsored by your local church. Remember no pets and no pet food.
Now you get to decide whom you will trust. Yourself who will have your family's needs paramount, or some nameless bureaucrat who does not know you or your family.
I'm not trying to frighten anyone. But I do think it is past time for folks to decide who they will depend on, themselves or the government? If you pick yourselves you have all kind of new knowledge and skills to learn. You will have potentials released, work to be done and skills to integrate. Not for some business, or some bureaucrat but for yourself.

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Actually, the USDA DOES have conflicting reports on their own main website about a "bumper crop" and the fact that at least 30% of the crops were damaged due to the wet conditions.

Kind of informative...especially with all the "buy our survival stuff" ads along the side bar.

Skepticism is easily understood however to fully understand these issues, all should be encouraged to seek original sources of information which substantiates this very real concern. To help understand the matrix of issues surrounding projected global food shortage, you can navigate through a myriad of documents on the USDA website as well as the WHO website. A combination of global economic uncertainty, policies that alter changes in farming practice, crop disease, crop genetic alteration, drought and other weather changes, increased dependence on imports, global shifts in commodities that do not match population demands... the list goes on. To go further, there are blogs where international brokers are pleading with grain suppliers to sell them supplies 'in tons' and actually list the amount of money they have to spend. Many even provide their phone numbers to call directly. There are many pockets around the world where severe grain shortages and lack of funds for "regular" imports exist. No one will be led astray with prudent life choices, including increasing self-reliance to feed your family.

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Skepticism is understood, but completely unwarranted from a wise and prudent person in this matter.
Amen Andra.

Okay going to try and break down what is written because the more I see it the more confused I get.
Skepticism is easily understood (How nice you have noticed we have concerns of you burning food for fuel.)
however to fully understand these issues, all should be encouraged to seek original sources of information which substantiates this very real concern (So okay burning food for fuel is not a concern or we are just stupid and don't get it)
I'm not sure of any other "original Source that has an alternative of making raw food into cooked food by any other process but heat.
To help understand the matrix of issues surrounding projected global food shortage, (Ok all you have told me here is a lot of papers have been written. What's a solution?)
you can navigate through a myriad of documents on the USDA website as well as the WHO website. (Oh goody I get to look through papers again, No answers but lots of paperwork.Well we did find the USDA and the Ag dept. lying about food stores)
A combination of global economic uncertainty, policies that alter changes in farming practice, crop disease, crop genetic alteration, drought and other weather changes, increased dependence on imports, global shifts in commodities that do not match population demands… the list goes on.
(Ok I think I got an answer to this stuff happens, crop failures are nothing new they have been recorded for 4000+ years. So are you saying a famine in ancient times was more/less difficult or less difficult to handle?)
To go further, there are blogs where international brokers are pleading with grain suppliers to sell them supplies ‘in tons’ and actually list the amount of money they have to spend. Many even provide their phone numbers to call directly. There are many pockets around the world where severe grain shortages and lack of funds for “regular” imports exist. No one will be led astray with prudent life choices, including increasing self-reliance to feed your family. ( So a lot of folks want grains to stock up on, begging and pleading to get it.)
It does not matter the reason folks are looking at the market for grains and they want as much as they can afford. There is not enough to go around.
So in your round about way you actually are saying folks are buying now. It would seem that those not buying now are the skeptics, We are encouraging buying like your suppliers you talk about.
Your tone in writing seems to condemn us for simply doing what you laud others for doing. Please come out and say what you believe we should do to protect ourselves and our families.
I find this pseudo-intellectual/ passive- aggressive tone somewhat insulting.

It appears the intent of my post was misinterpreted so I will try to clarify. First, it was in response to the poster who commented that the article was "Kind of informative…especially with all the “buy our survival stuff” ads along the side bar." Reading between the lines, there appeared "skepticism" of the credibility of the article due to the presence of advertisements. My response to anyone skeptical of any article, irrespective of advertisements, is to dig deeper for additional original sources to determine or substantiate facts. No more, no less. Personally, I agree with the article, I faithfully follow Kellene's blogs and have learned a tremendous amount of information. This is a source I trust and recommend to others. Advertisements do not sway my opinion of articles, especially when trust of the poster is established. It is my practice to seek multiple sources of information when fact-finding and I encourage anyone to do it.

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Ok. So we discount everything that I've written about the topic as well as this article which has access to the very same sources that any one of us can find because the person has the audactiy to get advertisers? I plan on doing that in the near future as well. But that doesn't change my articles one bit. Not wise...not wise

Holy smokes..

My buddy just asked, think we will see this on the news or will Britney Murphy be the spot like for the next few weeks.

I almost didn't look because I generally don't care for Alex Jones and I think Infowars is his.

Great article!!

Thanks for providing this information--pretty scary to think about, and just another reason to try to prepare for emergencies. Doesn't really matter what kind of emergency it is if you are hungry, but even scarier if there are so many others that are hungry as well. I recommended this post over on my blog and hope even people that aren't worried about food shortages will get some supplies stored anyway, because there is more than one way to have an emergency. Better to pay attention and avoid problems where you can...

Sorry Kellene you are having to put up with the trolls. Now I do think any Alex Jones site needs to be double checked but we saw the world- wide food riots after the bio-fuel mandate. We have seen lots of stories across the country that dairy farmers and ranchers are sending the animals to slaughter because they don't have money for feed. We are seeing it now in pork and some beef prices that are coming down. I think all prices will start going up dramatically summer 2010 to pay all those taxes. Producers won't get any more money just the government in taxes. I think the next 6 months will be the last time you can stock up on basics for awhile.Remember this health care promises a rise in costs of $300.00 per month, they will pay and get no benefits for 4 years. But heck they wanted Hope and Change. I give them the worse curse in the world, now you must live with your choice.

Heck just went cruising the internet, Man it's ugly, Texas drought, Bad timing on weather in the Midwest bread basket, a blight on African wheat some kind of "rust" whatever it is "Africa" will be hurting again for food. India hit with unusually cold weather.
You can check with the states agriculture departments. They aren't forecasting harvests as "Rosy" as the USDA.
Please folks double and triple check everything on the "internet". But even a stopped clock is right twice a day. It looks like a pretty bad "industrial farming harvest" for most countries.
The San Joaquin Valley in California has had no water for a year. They have a 40% unemployment rate. There is no food growing there at all. The news story pics look like something out of "The Grapes of Wrath". California as a state was the 8th largest economy in the world, and it's failing. Folks are leaving the state in numbers that boggle the mind.
The info is out there, you do need to do your research. But it is there, Alexjones website is true, actually they understates the problem to some extent.
I'll get you all the websites and scientific sites after the new year.
Please double and triple check those as well. If I'm wrong I want to know, as I'm sure anyone else would as well.
I am given a premise, a situation. Now they maybe right or wrong. Now how do I prove it? Saying someone is a wing nut or wrong without doing any research is wrong. You must prove or disprove a theory. I found on follow up Kellene was right. Dang I should have booked-marked or saved the sites.
Please folks go to the state levels. You will find that their is a world of difference between what the Federal government says and local news and Ag departments is happening.

I'm in agreement with the assessment that there will be food shortages in 2010.

To Jamie,

You say that you are being told all these scary things, but not what to do about it. Kellene has postead many topics on here as to how to get prepared. There are many other blogs that tell you how to prepare. Many are listed to the side here suggesting what to do, or get in order to be prepared. There are many food storage blogs listed as well as how to store your food as well as cook it. Many have lots of recipes on what to make with your food storage. There is no excuse to stand by and say, "I don't know how, therefore you are wrong." You do have work to do, knowledge to gain, and sacrifices to make." The time is short, so the sooner you get busy, the better

Whether these shortages happen this year or not doesn't matter. It's not a matter of IF, but WHEN.

It doesn't have to be food shortages; it could be a terrorist attack or the collapse of the dollar that will interrupt the food distribution mechanisms. who cares why. Heck, look at the Eggo waffle shortage now just because of some equipment malfunctions at their plants. To walk by the freezer where they used to be and see a big gaping hole is my weekly reminder that there are a myriad of reasons why we should stock up on food. Doesn't make one a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist; telling people about it and accepting advertising for products that may make people's prepping experience easier doesn't make a person an opportunist. It just makes you a person who thinks ahead and takes responsibility for their own family's well-being.


Please post those links.

Thank you


I'm on the east coast. Can I take your free classes online?

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Our online class outline will be released this month. We're working like worn out little elves here to make a whole bunch of great things happen this month for ALL of you! :-)

I have to say to Believer, I do believe. I really hate that Kellene is simply trying to help folks right, wrong or indifferent. They will NOT be harmed by just getting a little proactive.

But folks don't want to hear it. Most Prophets in Israel were not treated so well. I do believe there were a few passages dedicated toward that in the New Testament.
If I am treated like dung, stupid,ignorant probably a few other adjectives I can't think of....It is Time to REJOICE!! For I suffer for him. IT IS TIME TO REJOICE.. For I suffer for him, I will suffer the little children to come unto me and not Kill them in a Wal-mart of death.
I can't find that the USDA says there is a food shortage. There may not be a food shortage. But almost all ag states have had a very poor harvest. Alex Jones is a bit out there but this data has not been gather at the USDA. There is no data there. They may say everything is fine and they have a bumper crop. But there are no numbers. Bushels, Pounds, acres there is no surplus.
Now go to each state's ag department and see what's in the Silos.
Texas nothing (Drought)
Mississippi river basin folks Nothing (Flooding and cold)
California No Inland production because of a Federal water cut off.
You may not believe Kellene or info wars and Alex Jones.
Ok Check out states ag departments, check the websites.
I have and they are not to positive.

The USDA collects data. They report data to influence commodity trading and futures markets. Their objective is to 'stabalize' the money. The big question is, what did Hillery use to influence China to buy more treasury bills? Debt devalues our dollar, increased wheat reserves exported to China appreciates the yuan. When a nation appreciates its currency and starts buying more of the world's resources, it leaves less for everyone else. So food shortages worldwide will increase and prices everywhere else will jump upwards. As there is nothing that breeds social unrest like soaring food prices, nations around the world, from Russia, to the EU, to Saudi Arabia, to India, will sell off their resources(oil,labor) to appreciate their currencies and reduce the cost of food imports. The dollar is likely to do very poorly as central banks liquidate trillions in US holdings to buy food, that we no longer have in excess, to decrease our foreign debt.

Weather aside, farmers just can't get the loans they once did to plant and harvest. US farmers are the most advanced and efficient producers in the world, but without money, they can't farm. The US has been gaming the system for decades; sucking up two-thirds of the world's capital to expand its cache of 'Services' instead of real products; giving nothing back in return except mortgage-backed junk and crummy green paper. Agriculture and real estate is all we have left; and no one wants to talk about it.

But this is different. The world and the USA is now facing the very real prospect of "completely avoidable" famine/food shortage because twelve doddering old banksters at the Federal Reserve would rather bailout their sketchy friends and preserve their spot at the top of the economic food-chain then worry about food production. Bernanke can do more damage with one swipe of the pen than anyone in history. If the dollar falls, commodities will halt, and people will starve. It's as simple as that. The only way to combat that is to prepare. Kellene....good job!!

Wow what a world were in today Hey!1 Thanks to all those who are working very hard to both protect themselves and the rest of us Jane Burgermyster, Alex Jones etc without you guys were might be in for it alright thank one and all Canada

I have been storing food for some time, im now doing pickling drying and jams.i think we are running out of time fast and if not then you have lot's of food.but its comming soon.

Just do a web search for"food shortage 2009".2,660,000 hits.The new scare is "food shortage 2010".Look,it is just common sense to store food for hard times or disasters.Just do it with your head screwed on straight,OK?

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If you read the works of this site, you'll notice that we don't teach "food shortage scares" or any other type of "scare." We advocate knowledgable preparedness on a daily basis.

How hard is it to go out to your local bulk food store now and buy up some rice & beans? Give up a movie & snack for one person and get a 50# bag of pinto beans.

This isnt rocket science. Just get it done so you have a buffer just in case. Rent 4 video's or buy a 50# bag of rice. We are not talking huge sacrifice here.

Give up one grocery store trip of Deli meats & prepared food and put in a stock of basics. Iv shopped both ways:
1 Deli Meatloaf 6.99 (lasts 1-2 family meals)
1 bulk bag of 50# potatoes stored in garage 6 bucks.. lasted all winter

1 pizza & soda = 20$ (one meal)
1 50 lb pinto beans = 20$ (many many meals)
So you don't like pinto beans? You will if this crisis happens. Lets all grow up a little and take care of our family's because I promise you, if you see your child going hungry, you will do things you never thought you would.

Suck it up and take care of your family now, just in case.

I recently read in a tech/investment magazine that I subscribe to about the coming shortage of wheat due to some type of stem fungus--it only affects specific types of wheat--the kind that we use in 80% of the world's wheat supply---it is called (I believe) red stem fungus or something like that....the stem turns red (brown-reddish). I was ignorantly thinking of the investment opportunity from a futures contract (buying) standpoint....now after much research there seems to be a wider more systemic entire food supply issue....maybe not a shortage but something that would peak the interest of investors from a standpoint of profit...if something happens and there is any type of chain reaction to affect the food supply huge profits would be made....now I am looking at it from a non-investment perspective and calculating how many humans (Americans) will die....most are not prepared to survive a week....and if you know the truth about what went on in that football stadium in New Orleans, it would make you sick.....Gangs took over and went roving the area by day stealing, killing and raping...then they had shootouts with each other in the building after most of the valuables were looted trying to steal it from each other....many were raped, beaten, some killed....what you have not heard is the truth regarding how Navy Seals were called in to eliminate the threat......they did....many bad guys died....so if you think you will be "provided for" think again.....only you are responsibile for you......we all try and save money for a rainy day...why is storing some extra food, becoming prepared (self defense), and learning more about how to survive (even if its just a week)...why is this all related to right winged, gun-carrying redneck racists....because if the media or other entities thought this was a good idea many of you reading this would already be prepared and may have caused a food shortage by preparing....this is the type of catalyst that could start it....so don't blame them for not putting it in the mainstream media....if you are smart enough to save (anything) good for you....if you live day to day with your paycheck because you don't know how to save ....that's your fault....if you have no money and no means of saving you should make a lot of friends.....ask yourself why do you save, then ask what do I save, then ask what you are saving for.......it is about living...what do you need to live....food, water, shelter....not paper with green ink you dummy. When or if I have to survive in my home for 9 days with 3 kids with no modern things ever again, it will be easy, fun, and I will be ready! Money did me no good....no stores are open...all the essentials of life were gone anyway, no gas (no electricity to pump the gas) and the roads were blocked with debris or water.......money, what a joke...I just wanted a drink of water, just one drink...........I just wanted to feed my kids and not watch them die in my arms..........................................

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