Bring Classes Closer to You

Sorry, folks -- I've taught two classes in the last day and been on the road six hours between classes, so there will be no article today. 

By the way, if you live in the Salt Lake / Utah County areas and I'm not teaching at your Macey's, community center or church, give them a call! Insist on it! We'd love to bring the classes closer to you. Thanks!

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have you or are you willing to write a column about coupon clipping. as i don't live anywhere close it is difficult to get this info.

Hey Dave,
I believe I have a couple of articles written on this. Also, go to and take advantage of her video tutorial. It will definately help. Cheers!

Totally off subject...I ask a week ago about wheat books you recommended 2 very good one's (am learning) now question is ....someone else (without your knowledge I'm sure) recommended "How to Live on Wheat by John W I cannot afford to wast money will ask your opinion????


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