Preparedness Pro Commerce Independence Challenge

Are you ready folks? The most recent food challenge is going to seem like a cakewalk to some of you compared to this one. But it’s an important trial run in which your whole family should participate in. It’s called the Preparedness Pro Commerce Independence Challenge.

Currency photo c/o AOL

Currency photo c/o AOL

Preparedness Pro Double Dog Dares You to go an entire 14 days without

participating in any spending of currency…any, nada, zip, zero, etc. We dare you to be independent of all commerce interactions for a full 14 days. That’s in a row, folks, in a row. J This means that you won’t pay any bill, go out to eat, go to a movie, buy gas or anything for a full two weeks. Being independent from commerce as you know it will truly hone your preparedness skills. Your eyes will be opened to just how reliant you are on commerce exchange, electricity, conveniences, etc. My husband and I just did a Commerce Independence Challenge at the end of last year. Yes, it was a true challenge for us. But it gave us a greater anticipation and awareness of how things may be in the event of a financial or other type of economic collapse. Awareness always brings about more preparedness, right?

Groceries c/o

Groceries c/o

Now, here’s something I’m going to urge you to do before you accept this Challenge. Go ahead and prepare for it a few days in advance in every way that you can think of. Pay the babysitter now. Stock up on some gasoline for 2 weeks now. Get two weeks worth of groceries now—don’t forget the comfort foods. I dare say that this Commerce Independence Challenge will still be an eye opener for you as you will undoubtedly have something that you haven’t thought of crop up and throw you a curve ball. When it does, just deal with it. Don’t buy the school supplies, the groceries, the shirt, the hair spray or the new shovel for 14 days. You can trade goods for goods and services, but during the Commerce Independence Challenge don’t exchange any currency for goods or services for 14 days.

I’m specifically making this challenge at this time of year. It won’t be convenient. There’s Halloween parties and costumes that you’ll need to think about ahead of time. But I’m 100% convinced that this will be a valuable experience.

I know that some of our challenge takers on our last challenge entered into it without letting the rest of the family know. (Sly little devils) But I encourage you to let the whole family in on it. Tell your friends about it. If they look at you weird, ask them if they could even go ONE DAY without being a part of commerce. How about 3 days? Worst case scenario, if this just sounds like “too much” for you, then challenge yourself for a smaller period of time. Regardless though, do take at least a portion of the Commerce Independence Challenge. I’m quite certain that you won’t regret it.

Here's your reason to say no to your kids! Photo c/o

Here's your reason to say no to your kids! Photo c/o

Come on. Don’t wimp out on me. You’ll still have the safety and comfort of your home, electricity, the microwave, etc. It’s not like I’m challenging you to live without plumbing for two weeks. You’ll still have the television or radio or board games to keep you entertained. And besides, you’ve been meaning to get around to organizing your food storage anyway. The walking or bike riding will do you some good too, right? And wouldn’t it be great if you could put a carte blanche “no” on spending for your kids everyday desires for a whole two weeks? Perhaps it will be liberating? It’s not called the Commerce INDEPENDENCE Challenge for nothing.

The contest begins today and goes through the 15th of November. You can pick whichever 14 days you want to accept the Challenge. By all means, please give the rest of our readers a peak into what you’re doing and how you’re dealing with it. There are no losers in the Commerce Independence Challenge. I’m quite positive that anyone who participates will indeed be a winner. The point is to push all of you to learn, by firsthand experience, what you’re really ready for. And as always, any blog comment entry you make through the 15th will be eligible for our regular prize drawings that we’re holding every two weeks.

This is going to be very interesting, isn’t it?

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Snicker...14 days without spending money is the NORM for po' folks like me on disability. The money is gone at the beginning of each month, then we live on what we have....

Same here Wendy. We aren't on disability but did get in a financial bind for about two months and just bought gas, when we could. Thanks goodness for all we have been doing to get ready for "hard times"!

I find it is not as hard to do if you are willing to think out of the box. I saved lots of time going to the store and looking for stuff. More time to take care of needs at home!

Double Snicker....Wendy and I are in the same boat...However I have managed to stockup for the winter as I usually do...This time however I dipped into my emergency money and bought a years supply of freeze dried and dehydrated foods...What a deal from Costco...Found out about it from one of your readers....also purchased an Emergency Kit which I keep in my car. So I am ready for any challenge...Keep the great ideas coming

Wow, I don't know how this would go. It could go one of 2 ways. Total mutany from the family or they would embrace it and love it.Thanks for info, I don't know if we could do the whole 2 weeks. Maybe we will try a couple of days.

I suppose those of you who are on fixed incomes are not working.. The hardest thing I can think of is gas, going to work takes a lot, I would use upwards of 25 gallons, considering I have no storage that would be tough.

I think this sounds like a great opportunity! I will talk to my husband, but I think we will do it. The only thing I worry about is gas, since my husband has to get to work, and we have to get to church! Thanks for posting this.

I am going to also participate. The only problem I will encounter is my trip to see my son. I go every other weekend and it is over 500 miles each way. (long story and working on getting him home) I will not be able to make the trip without buying gas, so I will make the Challenge for 12 days instead. I go this weekend, and I will be back Sunday night so I will start the challenge on Monday and continue it through the Friday of the following week. I get really good gas mileage in my car and should be able to go the whole two weeks. I also have a second vehicle that is always with a full gas tank to help reduce the strain of needing more gas these 12 days. I will find out just how balanced my stockpile really is.

I think we initially miss the point, the two weeks is to show us what it might be like for a month. I realized right away I need to have some fuel storage.

What if there was a shortage of fuel and you still wanted to see your son, if there a way to transport extra fuel with you? If your car gets decent mileage you would need about 35 gallons there and back.

Sounds good to me since we can prepare for it....I think I am prepared enough but I am fixing to do some canning and want to buy for that.
How do I get to the rest of the post for is showing 7 post but says there is more.

I believe there is a "read comments" that you click. Sorry Jackie. I'm a total idiot when it comes to helping you guys technologically. (is that even a word?)

To those on fixed income. I understand completely! Me too.. and the last challange I ran out of coffee filters the first day!! It was ugly.. but I thought I had it licked!

thank you for the info on the wheat books...found them both at cheap books...they are on there way....niow all I have to do is fugure out what type of wheat is best for me....However that is not my question...I caught a small blurp on Fox new this am...about what types of plastic bottles were safe to re-use...according to number on bottom...they recommended that we learn these numbers.....but not sure where to look...I want to get some large storage for my will freeze solid in winter so I must keep some water inside in order to keep it from freezing ..I want to be as safe as possible...can anyone help or offer suggestions....I have a very small place.....but large out buildings and limited funds........

I am with you sister, took me me 3 years to learn how to stash money away for o' darn moments. For a sale for stuff that is a great bargain. No credit cards so either buy or put on layaway. Hard to put food on layaway LOL.

Jackie shoot me an email at [email protected], I may be able to help, no guarantees, but I will try, I have over 20 years playing with PC's internet and software. If I don't know maybe I can point you in the right direction.

I put food on layaway all the time. I eat it and then it lays away on my hips and thighs! LOL

I did not know about living off the "fat" of the land. you come off so hard core. Rock on sister. All us "healthy" farm girls will hang together

My Mom stopped all that your crazy thinking from my Dad "You made the money (Dad), I will make sure the Family is fed, (Mom). Fights got a bit less loud. Of course I'm storing most in my basement. Do I mind? Actually not. I gave her a big corner, it's amazing how much yuo can store in totes.
It will all work out. Some of them have skills, if not anyone can pull guard duty.

Buy wheat an white flour to start, good 3-5 years, Buy a Grinder that works for you. then you can grind all types of grain.
It's still eating the elephant. Just 1 bite ate a time.
Plus if you aren't used to wheat flour, buy it in bags processed and add it to your diet slowly.

Hard red wheat is best for breads, soft white wheat is better for pastry. Not sure what you want, I don't think it freezing hard kernels would hurt them. Not sure, I think it would be as food source, if not seed.
Now you got my knowledge on wheats.

I like hard WHITE wheat the best. It stores as long as the hard Red wheat. I think it tastes better in breads.

I was all geared up to do this challenge when my husband came home and told me he was offered a better job in Hawaii. he has to move in two week. I'll follow later. We will probably doing this challenge for months at a time after we get there.

LOL. That's funny. I haven't heard that excuse before. :-)

We are on day 4 of the challenge. We are doing great. There is a list on the fridge of things to buy with only 3 items on it. We forgot to check the dog food supply before we started, so we will have to buy dog food. The other items we can substitute or do without.
Yesterday morning we awoke to a power outage. Now we don't have to have a pretend one.

We complete 15 days of no currency. See how we did -

Thanks Kellene for the challenge. It was a great experience!

Kristine, I’m so glad that you took this challenge! I’m looking forward to reading your comments tonight when I get some down time!


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