10 Principles of Preparedness

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Preparedness Pro is devoted to providing guidance and encouragement for Peaceful Preparedness.  We provide a balanced, prioritized approach to a self-reliant lifestyle by teaching about the Ten Principles of Preparedness© in all of our writings which consists of:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Mental
  3. Physical
  4. Medical
  5. Clothing/Shelter
  6. Fuel
  7. Water
  8. Food
  9. Financial
  10. Communication

We strongly believe in the importance of self-reliance in today's society as well as a more challenging one in the future. We do not subscribe to the mindset of "emergency preparedness" for we believe that a true emergency cannot be anticipated by very nature of the term "emergency" thus we believe in a logical, rational and prudent approach towards strengthening our self-reliance on a DAILY basis. We believe that only this approach has sufficient efficacy to help us survive and thrive amidst more challenging times. Be sure to subscribe, add Preparedness Pro to your blogroll (www.preparednesspro.com) and check back often!

About the Founder/Author:

In addition to being the Director of Training for Preparedness Pro as well as a personal Self-Reliance Consultant, Kellene is a professional copywriter and an award winning marketer.  Kellene was the editor-in-chief of Monetary Intelligence Magazine,  a ghost writer for several industry specific magazines on matters of commercial finance, and is  a professional copywriter for marketing of businesses all over the U.S. Her creative marketing campaigns have earned her much notoriety in international marketing circles including acknowledgment as one of the top three marketers in the WORLD as voted by her marketing peers. As such she has  frequently been called upon to teach "street smart skills for marketing" for today’s entrepreneurs. She has been teaching and writing about preparedness matters for over a decade. She possesses a particularly strong background in international finance and international marketing.  In the spirit of ultimate self-reliance, she is also the founder of Women of Caliber , specializing in the private training of women in matters of physical and firearm self-defense skills. She is a former certified Utah Concealed Firearm Permit instructor but permitted her certification to expire as she chose to focus more on the skills of self-defense, not permission. She is the highest certified female NRA Instructor (NRA#69538938) in the Western States with certifications as a Chief Range Safety Officer, Certified Pistol Instructor, Certified Personal Protection In The Home Instructor, Certified Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor, Certified Rifle Instructor, and Certified Shotgun Instructor. She’s been featured as an expert guest on NRA News Radio, The Dr. Prepper Radio Show and other local radio talk shows. She's frequently requested to be the keynote speaker on matters of independence, entrepreneurship, and preparedness all over the nation.  She's also been courted by several cable stations to consult or take part in episodes which would highlight her expertise. After only 4 weeks as the host of two of her own weekly radio shows on the Preparedness Radio Network, she escalated to be one of the top three listened shows every week and went on to be the most widely listened to preparedness themed radio shows. Sadly, other demands for her time required these wonderful experiences to take a back seat to her time better spent elsewhere. However, archives of her shows may be downloaded on blogtalkradio.com) As a professional writer, Kellene devotes her research skills and experience to providing regular articles on matters of preparedness, self-defense, U.S. Constitution and other matters pertinent to the freedom and agency found in our great nation. While most "researchers" simply use regurgitated information on the internet, she goes to great lengths to conduct personal interviews with known experts, researches published white papers, and uses quality published works as a foundation for her information. While she's passionate about educating on the entire, balanced approach to a self-reliant life (via the 10 Principles of Preparedness) she's particularly fond of alternative medical, financial, and culinary matters of preparedness. She's also been featured as a culinary instructor at two prestigious cooking schools in her local area.  She absolutely loves creating delicious dishes from shelf-stable foods as well as rediscovering practices of preserving and preparing non-traditional shelf-stable foods. In addition to cooking she loves to skeet shoot, read non-fiction books, train her 4 dogs to be  an asset to a self-reliant lifestyle, writing, and reading non-fiction.  On her days off she prefers to organize her home and strengthen her position of self-reliance--along with playing with her 4 dogs, spoiling her nieces and nephews and indulging in a bit of chocolate. She has appeared with her ex-husband on Season 1 of National Geographic Channel's "Doomsday Preppers."  Her episode was one of the top 2 watched episodes of the most successful show in National Geographic Channel's history of broadcasting. A few of her additional credits include appearing on France's "Enquette Exclusive" (akin to the American "60 Minutes"), UK's Chat Magazine, featured guest on Radio France, featured in "Marie Claire Magazine" (UK), "Anderson" (Anderson Cooper talk show), and "Fox and Friends."  All of these appearances and putting herself out there have the downside of bringing unwanted adversarial and contentious attention, but Kellene continues this blog, fill speaking engagements, writing, and publishing to her YouTube channel instructions with an unrivaled passion and commitment to help others to take control of their lives and be independent and at peace in every way possible. Whether it's one person or a thousand persons who embark on a more self-reliant journey, she refuses to back down to the petty sniping of others or allow them to mar the culture or environment that she attempts to foster on this site for others. She's written over 1000 articles for this site that readers from all over the world can access free of charge.  You can also stay updated on more time-sensitive news on her Facebook page www.Facebook.com/PreparednessPro


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I am looking for an outlet for 5 or 6 gallon pails of wheat, rice, beans or other staples. Can you give me some help in locating where I can get some that is properly packaged? (I'm new at this)


Preparedness Pro's picture

Dean, the wholesale stores have a good selection of beans and rice. My favorite place to get my wheat though is from The Wheat Lady (just google her). Just keep reading my articles and hopefully I'll lead you from one staple to the other.

I started prepping last year, and I am ready to take your month on your stored food challenge. Actually It will be a walk in the park because I do eat out of my "pantry". About the only thing I am weak on is dairy but I am looking forward to doing some soft cheeses this month. I did find that I stressed out about 3 months into my prep start. Because I so so many things in the news that made this critical. But then I remembered "Do the best with what you got" and no "Army" took the hill at 100% strength."
I am 100% disabled and on a fixed income. Fixed just high enough I don't get Foodstamps or energy assistance. LOL So if I can feed myself and still store food for a year anyone should be able to. I budget $100.00 per month for food plus $50.00 for sales or special deals. I have not been a major coupon clipper but I do use them.
There are 2 ways to start I have found. Go with 3/14/days of prep food or buy a 50 pound bag of rice and Pinto beans.
Both bags have over 500 4oz. servings and you can get them both for under $50.00 in Bulk. A little hot water and a good thermos and you have a meal. Then start adding items Flour,oats, milk products, and so on. But you will have your base.
I use the 10 to 18 gallon storage totes instead of the buckets. I like them because I can store a month's worth of goods, they are opaque and they fit better in closets and are easy to move or share. Plus if anyone sees them you look like an organized packrat and not a prepper.
I have done my first garden this year. I was very pleasantly surprised that it grew quite well, also I am raising rabbits. No restrictions on zoning in my city for rabbits. I also have 2 family members that doing chickens, and also sew. I am into spinning and hope to learn weaving this winter.
I live in Idaho and people tend to be very friendly. Help your neighbors, take over a loaf of bread, fresh vegies from the garden. Talk to them, you will probably need these people if not working with you at least not working against you.
I guess that's about it. I have some great places to buy stuff but not sure if you want that on this site.

I found this post very helpful. We thought we were more prepared than we are, now I am trying to play catch up and very stressed. Thank you for this post!

Thanks for your Twitter link :) Now I can keep up to date with your posts.

I have a quick question about loadable coupons.

When you load a coupon, is it good for only one item purchased or is the coupon good for multiple items?

Any info. would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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Electronically loaded coupons are only good for a one time use on one item. If you have multiple loaded coupons of the same product, that's great. You will be able to use each of them one time on one product. Then they disappear from your rewards card.

Hi Kellene!
I agree that an EMP attack against the US would be very devastating. But I must say that I believe that an attack with a conventional war head or a dirty bomb is far more likely. I think the EMP threat has gotten a lot of exposure since William R Forchtens book “One Second After”.

Your blog looks really good I must say. Good layout and great information. I don’t think that I will have quite the same focus on Sibi Totique but it’s always nice to see how other people view preparedness. Keep up the good job.

/ Westfalia

Preparedness Pro's picture

I think you may discount the cost of clean up and the loss of assets with a dirty bomb of the like. An EMP would leave all assets in tact, including a strong work force.

You are such a good writer. You are able to craft an article that expertly blends technical and non-technical information together with a large dash of humour. The result is a captive audience that eagerly reads every word about " gluten meat" or some other
topic that we wondered how we through life without knowing about.
You're good and I'm glad you are on the right side and keeping it right.
Thank you for your sharing your heart and abilities in truth!

Wow Kellene, what a great website! I hope you don't mind, I've added your site to my links page. Excellent content!


Do you know if you can bottle shortening and if you can what the storage life is for it? I had a friend ask this question and told her I don't know, but I knew someone who most likely would have that answer. Could you e-mail me.

Thanks, Brooke

I do not know about that one, my dear. But I sure would like to. I'll have to look in to that one.

I have followed you for some time now, and have come to rely on your nutrional know-how. That said, I have a concern about one of your advertisers, Augason Farms. They advertise long grain brown rice with a storage life of 'up to' 30 years. I don't know much about nutrition, but I thought that brown rice--because of the oils in the husk--had no more than a six to twelve month shelf life--even if sealed in #10 cans with oxygen absorbers. I have tried to contact Augason both by e-mail and telephone for clarification (e.e., "Do you process the rice in some special way?") but have received no response. Can you shed any light on this issue? My daughter had celiac disease, and brown rice is so far superior to white rice nutritionally that I guess I am hoping against hope that these claims by Augason are justified. I trust your knowledge on this issue, and look forward to your response. bob

I love it when folks are being wise and that's exactly what you're doing! Way to go.

Ironically I just purchased two bags of brown rice up at Augason Farms 3 days ago. It was on sale for about $10. Made me happy. But I assure you I didn't purchase it under any false pretenses. :-)

If the brown rice were to come in a bag or a plastic bucket, there's no way that it would be more than a 10 year shelf life. However, if it's in a number 10 can then I wouldn't have any problem with it being shelf-stable for 20 years under cool and dry circumstances. having said that, when I put diatomaceous earth in my brown rice that's in a plastic bucket, I haven't had any problems pushing the shelf-life over several years. DE isn't just about being an enemy to bugs, it's a drying agent, thus it will help protect your brown rice from going rancid.
Personally, I think the taste between white and brown rice is night and day. I LOVE the brown rice flavor. I particularly like that I can make it in only 15 minutes in my pressure cooker. :-)
I've never had any false notions as to the prompt response time from Augason Farms. I get a lot further with them when I call them. Just FYI.
By the way, let's be clear, Augason Farms is not an advertiser of ours. In fact we don't have any at this juncture. Although we are contemplating adding some in the future, my primary concern is not being sensored by any advertisers so that I can always feel comfortable "telling it like I see it." :-)
Hope this helps!

As I understand it, white par-boiled rice has the nutritional content of brown rice, but the storage life of white rice.

Hi Kellene! I happened upon your website by sure accident, but I am glad I did. I have a family of five, including a toddler, and their survival is my utmost concern. I wanted to say thank you for the time you put into your website with these valuable articles and resources! We have many things in common, therefore I can relate to your words on your site. I will def. bookmark this website and refer back often. Thank you.

Hi Kellene,,

Could you explain how to get started on a plan and where to start saving. I have fibromyalgia and after listening to you on NatGeo I would so appreciate you help we are of low income but believe as you...Please help


Sonia, that's a really loaded question because there are so many other questions I would need to ask. Self-reliance is very personal depending on a person's strengths and weaknesses. One thing I can suggest is that you take a look at the 10 Principles of Preparedness. You'll see a LOT of aspects of preparedness that you can tackle without spending money. I really kicked up my own preparedness supplies after we hit rock bottom financially. There was NO disposable income to spend. So I discovered couponing. It's such an amazing way that we can all make a big difference in our tangible efforts.

I also found you on NatGeo, and am sooo glad I did. You are inspirational. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as other life threatening conditions, but I have 2 beautiful girls that I will do anything to protect. We are stepping up our emergency preparedness plan. I am following your 10 principles and some of your food storage ideas as well as the second language. We are learning key words and phrases in another language for private communication. I admire the steps you have taken with your husband and that you are sharing this information that may someday save alot of lives. Thank You!

I'm in the planning stages of starting food storage (thanks to you and a few others) and I want to know if you could answer a couple of questions about buckets. Is any bucket good as long as I use a gamma seal lid or other lid? I'm trying to find a good deal on them. I'm wondering if I can get them cheaper by getting them from a paint store (before they use them of course). Also how do you feel about colored 5 gallon containers? I thought that would be a good way of organizing my foods.
Thanks so much for the inspiration from the show and all the info from this site.

I don't have a problem with colored plastics. The thicker the plastic the better though IMO.I organize my foods in the 4 gallon square buckets because they take up less of a footprint, I can get more in them without wasting space, and I can stack them securely on top of each other. It's my organization key to sanity.

I saw you on Nat Geo and saw you with something that was sucking the air out of 1/2 gall glass jars and would really like to know where to get something like that. Loved your program.

That's just the Foodsaver with the Mason Jar attachments. It's SO easy. I use it on brown rice, marshmallows, brown sugar, nuts, and so much more! I love, love, love it.

Thank you so much for inviting America into your home! You ultimately gave me the push I needed to go ahead and proced with my concealed permit. I loved some of the ideas.. (walking the house in the dark... not as easy as I thought!!). I'm so excited to have found your website and blogs. I sat down and promptly made a list of what I felt like we needed to work on, what our handicaps are, and how to work on overcoming them.
As for the rude haters out there.. I'll pray for them. <3

Jenifer, this is music to my ears! Sweet music! So glad you found something helpful!

I like this site!

Kelleen - My husband and I are busily putting supplies up and he had a question - for putting up beans - can he purchase beans in the little bags (on sale of course) and put them in a mylar bag, seal it and put it in a food grade bucket? I suggested that those little bags held air in them and it would ofset the effort of putting the pouches that suck out the oxygen and then sealing the mylar bags etc. I think he is thinking 'smaller bags=portion control' .

Sure he can do that.

Your Ten Principles of Preparedness were the subject of out Sunday school class. We attend an orthodox RLDS congregation in Independence, MO. I went to your website and read your blogs relating to the principles. Would you please consider compiling these into an ebook for sale on your website? I would really like to purchase one. If I missed it, please tell me where it is so I can purchase it. My sincere thanks.

I stumbled across your site and needed it so bad, I too am on a fixed income and trying to get prepared in all areas, Spiritual,food,protection, and have been learning alot from you like you i will be one of the best eaters out there i can cook like no tomorrow my question do you feel you should be in a small group of people you trust or just you and your spouse? Whats your take on this?

I'm 64 and new to prepping and I love you.!!!!!

I'm 64 and new to prepping and I LOVE you!!!!!

We have started prepping. Actually, we have been prepping a long time just did not realize what we were doing. We can 98% of the veggies we eat. We also can venison. I do not know how to can chicken, beef and pork. I still waterbath can everything. Pressure canners scare me. One of the other preppers featured on Doomsday canned meatloaf. I would love to can it. Do you have a book or recipes that you share? I believe we are going to have an economic collapse, hubby believes an EMP. Thanks for your help.

The books are in the works. Thanks for stopping by! You can find the canning meat instructions right here. Just put "canning meats" with the quotation marks in the search bar here. Good luck! It's SOO yummy!

I love your site! The fish antibiotics source mentioned, I can't find it. I scoured the article 5 times and can't find it again. Could you tell me what it was. Thank you so muchfor all your hard work.

I feel your pain. I'm visiting Ohio this week and most of the hotels are booked because of people fleeing their homes due to a lack of electricity. INSANE. There's a whole heck of a lot more peace when folks know how to deal without the ordinary and not miss a beat. I can't imagine folks spending SO much money just because they don't have electricity. You never know...maybe I'll be moving back out here to Ohio soon. *grin*

Dear Kellene,
I first became aware of you and prepping this past march after I was at home recovering from a shoulder surgery. After watching Doomsday Preppers and becoming more aware we have started the new life style. And of course like a lot of people we have not made it the priority it should be. 2 years ago we where out of power here in Ohio for 7 days due to storms and this past Friday 06/30/2012 sure enough we lost power due to storms again. . We were out of power almost 48 hrs . Thank goodness the the storms cooled things off and the electricity came back on before we reached 95 again. Some friends and I are hoping to come to Utah next year and to take your classes and that humless generator just went to the top of the list . I will also be watching to see if you will be coming to any events closer to Ohio. Not seeing much prepping activity here for some reason but I will keep looking for other like minded people. Thank you for all you do !!!

Pam Powell

Hi Pamela,
I am here in Ohio and there is a large prepper community. If your interested in finding one let me know. I run Northeast Ohio New Pioneers and we're a few of families as well as singles who are learning and teaching as we go. Our focus is being a community of like minds who are learning the traditions of the pioneers that built this country, who are willing to help when the need arises and to educate people on the importance of being self sufficient. Kelleen I hope it's OK to plug my groups if not delete! You can find us on Facebook as well https://www.facebook.com/groups/NOPGD3/
I also run Preppers without Partners https://www.facebook.com/groups/prepperdate/ it's really difficult to find someone who understands the energy and lifestyle...I'm still looking!!

I posted that on Facebook, and it was just a fun little video...no accuracy to it whatsoever. It was more than just Mountain Dew.

Recently you posted how to make a glow light using Mountain Dew and something else . Any chance of a repost ? Or possibly emailing it directly to me ? Thank you and I am a avid follower of you posts and we use them regularily at our prepper meetings . Thank you for all of your efforts .

I am watching the program Doomsday Preppers Bugged Out and I am so impressed with all that you do. I would love to meet you because you have inspired me in a way that no one ever has. You guys are awesome and really empower others in so many ways. Thank you for all you do.
Cheryl :)

Thank you for your kind words, Cheryl! We really try. Welcome to the looney bin. :-)

I just recently watched your episode on NG's Doomsday Preppers, and then watched it again, and again, and again! YOU ARE MY PREPPING HERO! You set such a good example for all of us. I love how on the show, you addressed so many different areas of preparedness including food storage, self-defense, and home defense. I'm sure there were many more hours edited out that I would have loved to have seen!
I am a single sister, just really gettting started. Like you, I am also a foodie. While I do like cracked wheat cereal, I can't imagine eating it without real butter and maple syrup! I believe that herbs, spices, other seasonings, condiments, and other flavorings are just as important as XXX lbs of wheat!
I just within the last hour found your website and Facebook page and can't wait to get deeper into it! I hope you never let any negative comments here or elsewhere discourage you I am inspired by you and I believe the world is blessed and richer for having you in it.
April G in Colorado

Will you be giving classes in your new location? I could just cry for joy that I found your site. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the info you so graciously give to all of us. I just received a book from Amazon - Root Cellaring and it is great. I just wish I were 35 years younger so I could be more aggressive in my prepper activities - but, I'm doing what I can daily. As soon as your how to books, cook books, etc books come out I want to buy them. Do you have Bishop Buddies Groups out there helping you or do you even need us out here getting in you way..... with sincere love and admiration.......

Glad you found us too. :-) I have that Root Cellaring book too and I love it. I know what you mean though about feeling too old to do all that you want to do. But work we must, right?

You can use it for personal use, but it's not to be shared on other sites or in a printed form in any other way, and for any other purpose even if it's not for financial gain. You've got to have a way to access the good info without electricity, right? :-)

Hello Mrs. Bishop,
I am new to your site and found it to be be the friendliest towards the female audience. I am the prepper Husband and am slowly getting my Wife on board. After her 8 hours on the computer at work it is hard to get her to sit at our computer and read articles, so I normally just print from sites I find useful. However, I actually noticed your copyright warning and felt it was only good manners to ask first. Could you please advise? Thanks

you just want to make sure it's pure honey with no corn syrup or anything else added. Costco has started carrying their own honey now. As you probably already know, honey is one of those 'forever foods" and soooo good for us in so many different ways.

Today's lesson in RS included talking about honey and many want to add honey to their food storage plans. As our RS coordinator for preparedness, I've been trying to research the best place to obtain this product and can't find any info about what to look for when buying it. Do you have any information/suggestions I could pass on to them? Your website has been very helpful to me. Much thanks. Bonnie