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Hey everyone, yes, of COURSE we're still here. I've just been on a recording video binge so that we can give you more of what you say you'd like. So for starters, we've got three new videos loaded, each one offering just a quick tip to help stretch your dollar and maximize your space. Hope you enjoy 'em!   This video shares with you how to stretch your dollar further AND ensure you're not getting any of the petroleum products and nasty hydrogenated oil poisons from your typical baking sprays...
EMP Myths and Faraday Cages
07 May 2014 by
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EMP Myths and Faraday Cages--by Guest Contributor Scott Bishop   We talk about EMPs and Faraday cages periodically on here as well as our Facebook page and it seems that every time we do, we discover a LOT of misconceptions about the two. There’s no shortage of completely bogus and illogical YouTube videos published on the topic—even by those claiming to be engineers or PhD holders. Unfortunately, far too many are buying into such nonsense at the risk of losing a critical asset amidst a crisis...
Dry Canning Jar
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Ah, yes..."oven canning"...Hate is such a strong word that I don't care to use much, but when it comes to the "oven canning" method that some choose to use to preserve their dry foods long-term, it definitely conjures up a strong opinion in me.  But I'll tone it down today and use the word "loathe" instead, because I truly do loathe the whole notion of oven canning.   Oven canning is the process of canning dry goods such as flour, beans, oats, and even nuts in a 200 degree oven. The standard...
Old Phone
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   208-237-5985. That was the phone number of one of my best guy friends in Junior High School.  208-237-2845. That was the phone number of my best girlfriend in my 8th and 9th grade years of school.  614-488-1181. That was the phone number of my dad’s pool installment company, Foxx Pools when I was 6 and 7 years old.  My address during my last 2 years in high school—some nearly 30 years ago, was 620 Vancouver Drive in Westerville, Ohio. At any given time I had more than 100 phone numbers and...
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Most of us have enjoyed a good dump cake at one time or another. For those of you who might not recall eating such a concoction, let me remind you. A dump cake typically consists of  pie filling being thrown into a baking dish, topped with the contents of a cake mix, and then further topped by butter.  For several years when I would teach my UNDERwhelmed in Food Storage class, the dump cake would be featured as one of the no-brainer, yet delightful dishes, because, in spite of its simplicity,...
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As I was doing some research today on something I was writing, a headline caught my eye and I decided to take a look at a do-it-yourself website.  I confess, I did get lost in its pages for a bit, but as I ran head on into another one of those gossipy, homespun silliness theories, I was quickly brought back into reality.   Today’s ninny of a notion goes as follows, as stated by the author, while discussing how to properly render lard. She says: "bits of meat can contaminate your lard."  When I...
Cake with Six Candles
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 It’s My Birthday! (at least it WAS when I was writing this) *grin*  To celebrate, I’ve got LOTS of fabulous surprises in store for all of our readers that we’ve been working on for more than a year. But now I finally get to share SIX of them with you!!! 6 years ago, today, I officially founded Preparedness Pro. It just so happened to coincide with my own birthday. At the time, I was working hard in the world of finance and didn’t need something else on my plate, but I had a voice that I felt...
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I'm an Ohio gal through and through and one of the places I've always loved visiting when I get home is Skyline Chili where they serve Cincinnatti Style Chili. Just writing this article is suddenly weakening my resolve to try a gluten-free and sugar-free regimen for a while in an effort to see how that plays into one's preparedness efforts. *sigh* Imagine my delight though when I realized I can easily make my own pasta, even while observing gluten-free criteria. Yay! Now, this recipe will...
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My Dirty Little Secret for Cleaning Guns   No one can OVERestimate the importance of cleaning their firearms. However, I discovered the importance of properly maintaining my Glock firearms the hard way—and it was nearly as painful of a lesson as it was when I discovered at the age of 19 that I was actually supposed to be changing the oil in my car. (I can assure you that driving all alone, cross country, in the middle of snow storm near Vail, Colorado in a little Volkswagon Rabbit is NOT the...
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I should have posted this recipe years ago when I first had a taste of it as made by my dear friend, Chris.  So you have her to thank for being willing to share this recipe. *grin* Enjoy- and yes, I do mean ENJOY!  Not only are these delicious, but because of the REAL food that's used in them, you won't find yourself wolfing down the entire batch because the fiber and other REAL nutrients will satiate your appetite.  Thanks Chris, from me, for being willing to share this recipe!  Luv ya bunches...


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