fun games for the family, friends, and community
21 Oct 2014 by
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In part 1 of this series about strengthening the bonds of your family and friends and your community through fun activities, I shared one game with you along with laying out a case for being mindful of such preparations. Today I’m going to share two other activities with you that I’m SURE you’re going to love.   This first game/activity didn’t actually come from my mom, rather I learned it in the Philippines when I served there on a welfare mission and I confess, I LOVED playing it.  I them...
Halloween Game
18 Oct 2014 by
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Today’s article isn’t about the all-natural cure for battling the Ebola virus. Nor is it about the 12 essential food items you can make from powdered milk. It’s quite a bit off the beaten path of the traditional “prepper journey”. However, it is still very much about being self-sufficient and it is about securing an asset that you MUST have if you’re to be truly prepared for troubled times ahead. It’s purchased with very little funds in the traditional sense and yet once you’ve acquired it, it...
09 Oct 2014 by
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Is raising quail a realistic livestock project for you?   So, you want to live more self-sufficiently but your city ordinances won’t allow chickens or big gardens?  You live in an apartment which limits your “self-sufficiency square footage,”  or is limited to your balcony.  These conditions are deal killers. They just need a little more knowledge thrown at them in order to overcome them. Let’s go to work then today as I share with you a way to raise some of your own self-sufficiency in the...
26 Sep 2014 by
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Preparedness is not about being a hermit, or a Rambo-like survivalist.  And there might not be much time left for you to get one of your most critical assets in place--Your Community.   There’s a component of preparedness that I fear most preppers omit, either because they don’t understand the value or they refuse to understand the value.  And that’s the COMMUNITY.   While the headlines have been full of plenty of reasons to remain somewhat private about the extent of one’s preparedness...
20 Sep 2014 by
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Awesome Projects for Preppers--by Guest Contributor Matt Stevens While there are a lot of people whose prepping starts and stops with stockpiling supplies, there are many others who make it a lifestyle. These people ultimately end up much better prepared, because they look beyond just having food and water and make or buy things to take care of any eventuality. With the high cost of buying prepping equipment and supplies, more and more have taken to making their own.   In pretty much all of...
Meatball Soup
08 Sep 2014 by
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Meatball Soup Recipe --    One thing I love about my good friend Shawna is that she has a lot of good recipes that are easy, delicious and can easily be adapted to be made from your preparedness food pantry.  She has shared quite a few with me over the years that I love, so keep an eye out for some more her recipes in the near future.   With Fall quickly approaching (officially September 23rd) I thought I would share one her easy soup recipes with you, which I actually enjoy year-round because...
04 Sep 2014 by
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One of the fundamentals for being prepared for all that life throws at us is having what we really need, when we really need it--and having a back-up.  I accomplish a lifestyle of Panic Free Preparedness by living by the Rule of Three.   The Rule of 3, is the ultimate expression of one “preparing for the worst”. As I learned it, the Rule of 3 comes from a military training message: “3 is 2, 2 is 1, and 1 is none”, and boy howdy can I attest to that being the truth! What does it mean “1 is none...
23 Aug 2014 by
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Another St. Louis Police shooting of a black man just 5 miles away from the Ferguson, MO shooting that's the cause of so much unrest this week. (WARNING: You can watch it on mute and see what happens just fine, but if you watch it with sound there is plenty of vulgar language.) Lest any of us get on the Irate and Hate Bandwagon, I'm going to give you my two cents on this 2nd shooting by police in Missouri. There are six things I'm considering here.   1: The person did NOT respond to orders...
Louse Life Cycle
01 Aug 2014 by
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What You Need to Know About Lice-- By Guest Contributor Jackie K.    What I know now, compared to what I knew in January of 2010, are worlds apart.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of being exposed to lice, count your blessing.  I never experienced them as a child, nor did I know anyone who had.  I do remember, in elementary school, these ladies coming into our classroom on a regular basis to check our heads.  However, no one was ever sent home, and we would all laugh and say it felt weird...
30 Jul 2014 by
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Everyone has the right to defend themselves. Fact: 100% of ALL firearm “accidents” occur as a result of someone violating one of the four most critical safety rules in the ownership and use of a firearm.  Firearms don’t kill people as the media would have us believe, any more than pencils are responsible for making spelling mistakes.  Your ability to STOP a firearm accident is strengthened by your knowledge of a firearm.  In contrast, if you are not familiar with the workings of a firearm,...


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