Minimal fuel required to boil water
31 Aug 2013 by
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My mission: To ensure that I had a reliable cook stove that met the following criteria: Doesn’t require the storage of highly flammable fuel Relatively portable Doesn’t require sunshine Sufficiently heavy-duty and durable to handle heavy amounts of daily cooking for at least a year Won’t compromise my security such as broadcasting smoke signals to attract unwanted guests Uses a minimal amount of readily available, accessible, CHEAP fuel Sophisticated enough that I can easily regulate the...
23 Aug 2013 by
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Today I just wanted to provide a couple of tips to help you be more comfortable in the purchase and use of the freeze-dried produce that’s become such a prevalent staple in the life of a “prepper.” In addition, I wanted to provide you with just a couple of quick tips to help you in your organization and use of these same products. I’m going to give you this quick little video to look at for some of this information, but I wanted to go into greater detail to help highlight the actual VALUE that...
16 Aug 2013 by
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The other day I was on my way up to Salt Lake City to work a “self-reliance conference.”  At that time, my car had the entire back window occupied by a vinyl sign for Women of Caliber, mentioning the firearm and physical self-defense classes I used to offer regularly. Being in a bit of a hurry, I zipped through a school zone at about 35 MPH, completely oblivious and without paying attention to my speedometer. After getting midway through the school zone, I finally realized where I was and I...
12 Aug 2013 by
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We've get to post the pictures of the aprons that were submitted along with a list of the top 3 winners. We also had to make some big adjustments to how the contest played out. But's our winners!! First Place Winner: Vickie D.! I loved the playful yet feminine design of this apron, the color combinations, and the design which was fresh but still reminiscent of a kinder, easier day of family and values.  I looked closely at the workmanship on this one and it was just perfect....
24 Jul 2013 by
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We're announcing the winners of the two drawings we just held recently. The first one was brought to us by Gold Eagle Co. and they created a nice $90 Severe Storm Preparedness Giveaway package including the fab product STABIL. *grin* Rebecca Alley is the winner for the Severe Storm Preparedness Giveaway from STABIL. Next we have the winners for the drawing. We had two of these cute and fabulous cloth diapers to give away. Rose of Prepping in the Garden won one of the Naughty...
11 Jul 2013 by
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Ah…prepping for babies. I just LOVE babies. I don’t care if they’re crying or fussing or beautifully sound asleep, I just love them. They are so snuggly and precious—those smiles that melt your heart like nothing else can. Those cute little feet that you swear you could just gobble up. Somehow their curiosity helps us see the world through a new set of eyes. Their inherent innocence and vulnerability that we see in their eyes is sure to make even the most stoic parent feel humbled, and not just...
08 Jul 2013 by
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There's plenty of thundering, blowing, raining and hailing going on all over the country--though some areas sure could use MORE rain. I don't know about you, but I look at such instances as if they are giving us a much needed "trial run" to test out our level of preparedness amidst a  "surprise" situation that Mother Nature likes to throw at us.  And there are plenty of "trial runs" available. As we've already seen played out in the national news, the storm and tornado season is in full swing...
02 Jul 2013 by
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During the World Wars, finding creative ways to “do without” or to use “essentials”  in lieu of preferred ingredients was a way of life. Potatoes were abundant as was oatmeal. As a result, many of the recipes during that time of history make use of these types of essentials in recipes that we normally wouldn’t expect. Potatoes and oatmeal were also used in an effort to “bulk up” their recipes to be more satisfying and to squeeze in more calories and vitamins.   Recently I’ve been playing with...
handful of seeds
26 Jun 2013 by
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  The world is definitely getting crazy—even in our “free” nation of the U.S. The action we need to take as pursuers of self-sufficient lifestyles is to ask ourselves WHAT and HOW do we need to address this? The types of messages I’m receiving from readers increases, and the craziness of it still has the ability to surprise me occasionally. The message that I’m going to share with you today is one of those. As some back story on this, I received the following message from one of my long-time...
24 Jun 2013 by
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By Garfield Refining, Guess Contribution   An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That said, an ounce of gold or silver can offer far more value than what it’s current monetary value may provide in the event of a survival scenario as a direct result of a world-wide crisis.   Should a financial meltdown of epic proportions ever happen, the current monetary and gold-backed currency system as we know it will be rendered null and void. Natural resources in scarce supply such as fresh...


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