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Hey there, I've been busy preparing for an education event that I'm taking part in this weekend. It's an event that I've attended (and taught at) regularly and I've not missed it over the past 4 years.  I got to thinking today about how much I wanted to do to share this information with those that I know would love it and I just had a spur of the moment thought... Ready?? I've decided to give away 4 scholarships, courtesy Preparedness Pro, to anyone who would like to attend an amazing 2-day...
I'm a Prepper
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I decided that it was time for me to share with you my original list of 85 different things that I've come up with over the years that just might be a dead giveaway that you're a prepper.  If you find that you can nod your head to even 10 of these, it's time to give up the fight, give in, and join in the cause with the rest of us crazy preppers. Some of these are just crazy, and some you'll find to be painfully true. But I betcha that you might be wrong if you were to guess which ones were...
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We hope that this Independence Day means more to you than just BBQs and summer fun. We hope that you'll be able to do something to strengthen your personal independence and self-sufficiency. We'll be on vacation until th 7th of July, but we'll be back with regular articles at that time! May your live be full of Peaceful Preparedness!
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Is Homeschooling Right for You?--by Guest Contributor Penni Batty   There's a whole lot of buzz about public school these days. As a home school mom of six children, I think I've probably heard every existing argument in favor of it, and yet, the more of these arguments I hear, the more opposed I am to public education. Why? Because most of these arguments defy logic and reason.   Let's look at the big one first—my pet peeve—the claim that the only acceptable place for your child to learn how...
Use the FoodSaver to preserve Panko crumbs long-term so you never go without
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A reader asks a question about preserving candy without a FoodSaver:   Question: "Hi Kellene, Your site helps me so much, thank you. I know you preserve chocolate and candy. Can I do that with oxygen absorbers in mason jars? if so, should they be unpackaged, like M&Ms? I don't have a foodsaver. I also would like to preserve hard candies. How long will they last under the right temps/conditions? just approx...thank you so much!"   Answer: Yes, in the absence of a FoodSaver you can still get...
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Heiss Kartoffel Salat (aka Hot German Potato Salad) -- Preparedness Pro   I love trying new recipes, especially ones of International Fare.  Today’s recipe comes to us from across the Atlantic from the beautiful country of Germany.  My dear friend Shawna shared this with me recently and I can tell you, it does not disappoint.    Shawna’s mother-in-law was born in Germany and often makes German dishes for special occasions, which she always enjoys.  She has also visited Germany on numerous...
Multiple Colored Bandanas
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62 Reasons Why my Bandana was Saved from the Donation Pile--by Guest Contributor Emily S   Over the years I have accumulated a collection of bandanas which I have received from various events, activities and as gifts.  After their immediate use had passed I would wash, fold, and tuck them away in my sock drawer.  About a year ago while I was doing some spring cleaning, I came across my collection of bandanas and decided that since I had never used any of them, and they were just taking up room...
Bunny in Cage
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Backyard Hunting--By Guest Contributor Sharon Cundiff   My husband and I enjoyed the festivities for opening day of the Cincinnati Reds, walking through the park that parallels the river with my sister-in-law and her niece.  The path wanders through and around trees, bushes and flowers, when suddenly a darting object caught my eye as it seeks refuge under the bushes.  I froze as the others continued walking ahead. A fat bird starts to dart out from under the bush, suddenly it spotted me, and...
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Hey everyone, yes, of COURSE we're still here. I've just been on a recording video binge so that we can give you more of what you say you'd like. So for starters, we've got three new videos loaded, each one offering just a quick tip to help stretch your dollar and maximize your space. Hope you enjoy 'em!   This video shares with you how to stretch your dollar further AND ensure you're not getting any of the petroleum products and nasty hydrogenated oil poisons from your typical baking sprays...
EMP Myths and Faraday Cages
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EMP Myths and Faraday Cages--by Guest Contributor Scott Bishop   We talk about EMPs and Faraday cages periodically on here as well as our Facebook page and it seems that every time we do, we discover a LOT of misconceptions about the two. There’s no shortage of completely bogus and illogical YouTube videos published on the topic—even by those claiming to be engineers or PhD holders. Unfortunately, far too many are buying into such nonsense at the risk of losing a critical asset amidst a crisis...


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