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After watching the extensive devastation that’s happened in the Philippines and the Midwest region of the U.S. this past week, I felt the need to emphasize the most important resource that we all MUST have in order to be able to withstand something as devastating as what these millions of people have had to endure.  Image Courtesy basketman at So, today, I have a bit of a secret to share with you.  I’m not happy it is a secret, mind you. I do earnestly wish that more...
Wine Chandelier--courtesy of Garrett Stembridge, All Rights Reserved by Garrett Stembridge
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Guest Post by Garrett Stembridge (Editor's Note: Regardless of whether or not you purchase wine, these repurposing projects for wine bottles are very enticing, practical AND beautiful and a simple request in my predominantly tee-totaller neighborhood has STILL garnered me plenty of bottles to use for alternative purposes. Oh, and by the way, if you store your discarded bottle corks in isopropyl alcohol, you can make wonderful little fire starters! Just a couple of corks for each fire will help...
warning sign
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About the author: Naomi Broderick is a prepper author working with Protect Your Home, who provides ADT security systems in Phoenix, Arizona. She is a stay-at-home mother with three young boys, and she enjoys promoting the prepping lifestyle among folk from all walks of life.   Parenthood Preps: Preparedness with Baby on Board As everyone in the prepper community knows, there are plenty of unfair stereotypes about what an average prepper looks like due to pop culture depictions and selective...
Announcement New Retail items available at LDS Canneries in #10 cans or gallon bags.
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  Breaking News! More dramatic changes for LDS Canneries nationwide!   As you may recall, earlier this year I broke the news  initially about the big changes that were made by the LDS Church amongst their Canneries (aka Home Storage Centers). If you aren't aware, these facilities have been an excellent way for members of the LDS Church, as well as non-members, to obtain premiumn quality food at rock bottom prices. Well, unfortunately, I’ve got even more breaking news to share with you today in...
MA 13, gangs
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My apologies in advance for the nature of today's topic. It's not warm and fuzzy, per se, but it IS necessary and covers a topic that I have yet to see explored in detail on any of the other prepping/survivalist/homesteading sites.  So take a deep breath and plow through. Let's talk reality for just a moment. With all that is going on in your life, why should you be better informed of a gang of illegal immigrant rebels?  Because they are a realistic face of the harm which threatens your life,...
Self Employment For Preppers
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  As I stated in Part 1 of this series, I firmly believe that there has never been a time since the sovereignty of this nation began, that has been more desperately in need of us developing the ability to support ourselves financially.  Self-employment! We must become more faithful to ourselves, more trusting of our God, and more willing to live by the Law of the Harvest if we want to break free from much of the insanity of today’s economics.  In today’s part 2 of the series I’m going to...
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Instead of bemoaning all that’s going wrong with our nation in recent events, I’ve chosen to try and help our readers fight back against all of this economic and political uncertainty. Over the next few days I’ll be posting a multi-part article series which will address specific ways that you can become more independent financially through effective entrepreneurism. It is my firm belief that since our nation was first formally organized, there’s never been another time in our history in which...
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by J.C. Martin, Guest Contributor Preparedness Pro Notes:  Firearms and other weapons aren’t just to ensure safety and security. They are also necessary to provide food for the table. Additionally, this is sound advice for every person who's trying to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle. While his suggestion is budget friendly, in my opinion it's sound advice regardless of your budget. My friend, J.C. Martin, has written this nice article for us that sheds some light on a firearm option that...
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It's been a while since I've shared some quick tips on video. I'm finally getting around to rendering and posting some of what I recorded earlier this year. So this week I wanted to just post a couple of quick videos that will help you in your prepping efforts. One is just a simple strategy for easier access and inventory of your freeze-dried items AND WHY to use freeze-dried foods--they aren't anywhere NEAR as expensvie as you think and their a big time saver. The other video is simply...
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I suspect that there are some of you who aren’t sure what an AR-15 Lower Receiver is, but I can guaran-dang-tee you that after reading this article, you’ll at least appreciate what to look for, and value, WHEN you find yourself wanting to purchase an AR-15 Lower Receiver.   Firearm aficionados often like to build their rifles from the ground up so that they can customize the features of each part of the gun to their specifications. Many also like to purchase rifle parts so that they fly under...


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