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Thank you so much for your shout-out to cloth diapers! I LOVE cloth diapering. My oldest is in cloth diapers and we have saved so much money and haven't had to deal with much rash or any of that chemical gunk that I hated so much in feminine hygiene products before I discovered alternatives. With two on the way, we are very grateful for the inexpensive-ness and new innovations of cloth diapers. Thanks for pointing out this brand. I've been doing some research to step up from hand-me-down covers and flat diapers (which I love anyway, but hubby and babysitter and family...not so much), so I had them written down, but hadn't looked into them yet. Thanks for passing the cloth diaper love around with give-aways, and if I get one I'll love it even more! Still saving up for the initial diaper buy for the newborns on their way.